Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Adorning in April #15: Fluro Fitness Obsessed

Hi all, welcome back!
Today I wanted to share with you an obsession that I am just not kicking anytime soon -
fluro active wear.
I am literally obsessed, the brighter, bolder, more out there in colour; is direct correspondence to how badly I want it!
Fluro was a trend that was happening last summer in clothing, fashion and fitness alike, whilst I think it may be on the way out fashion wise; it is for sure still alive and well in the workout world
(at least it certainly is for me haha).
I wanted to share with you today my current favourite fluro workout outfit. Fair warning there are a lot of photos! I had fun with this mucking around jumping and running that I ended up getting a mini workout in! tehehe.
The  LJ tights are by far the brightest (even brighter in person) and they were a gift from my bf last week for our anniversary (I know, I've got myself a keeper!). The crop is from Lorna Jane also and the tee is Forever21. Paired with bright socks from Russell and my much loved Asics Runners this outfit is motivation in itself! Having bright fun workout wear honestly is half the motivation I need to get up and go each day. I hope you enjoy the post, what is your favourite items to workout in?


I hope you enjoyed this workout OOTD, I find the most effective way to get a great workout in is to be comfortable, happy and motivated in what your wearing! If you know that what you've got on isn't going to budge, is holding everything in place and performs it's functions as it says (i.e., climate-light) then adding in brightness brings the fun into a workout!
My number one workout tip: don't forget to have fun with it! Working out doesn't have to be a pain or a drag, if you bring a positive frame of mind to it and play like you did as a kid you'll find the time passes so quickly!  



  1. I love these colours! I have some fluoro pink trainers and I love them! I'm always happy to put them on and go for a run. The rest of my workout gear is black except for my bright green sports bra whose straps peek out behind my vest :) a bit more subdued but I love it xxx
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    1. Ahhh that sounds like a perfect workout outfit! I like the saying 'I wear black when I workout; its like a funeral for my fat!' hehehe


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