Thursday, 3 April 2014

Adorning in April #3: Friendship & Laughter

Hello, happy Thursday to you! 
Whoop wooo I am onto day three without fail. Success thus far and its feeling good!
Today I have a fun little post of a video actually! 
This is just a little clip of me and my best friend in the whole entire world, Trip! 
She moved to London from Australia at the start of this year and so I miss her terribly; however I am so proud and happy for her (and I may just be off to visit her rather soon eiikk!) 
Before she left we preempted missing one another (I mean we talk on the daily and never run out of things to discuss, any of you have a bestie like that?) so we decided to film a few videos together that we could watch when we were having a moment of home sickness, or in our case best friend sickness lol. 
Video is embedded below, but if you want to watch in on my YouTube channel then click HERE!

I hope this makes you smile, it was just a little snippet of the funny bits of us filming together, and I wanted to surprise Trip with another video! 
Miss you bestie, love you very much and I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU! 
Have a great day everyone!

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