Thursday, 30 July 2015

Quick! What Heading Should I Use?

Hello and welcome back to Adorn Beauty.
Today I wanted to share with you something a little different. A lot of you may or may not know I am currently undertaking my Masters in Marketing, so today I wanted to write about an interesting topic that has come up for me in relation to marketing.
It's all about writing headlines, should they be different for social media Vs. a newspaper? Or would you keep them the same?
What immediately comes to mind for me is that social media is all about quick titbits of information, entertainment and imagery. Its about connecting with friends, family and influencers. Newspapers are all about journalism, detailed recounts of events and my personal favourite the weather forecast!
So for me the answer is pretty simple, yes writing headlines for social media and newspapers should be different because the content that is going onto them should be tailored made, if not separate anyway.

Social media is a platform to allow for businesses, brands and people to really connect and communicate in a two way street, whereas Newspapers are much more here is the information we wish to provide to you, so your headlines should account for that. Perhaps social media headlines should focus more on generating engagement, including questions or showing an image with the text on top and newspapers should be much more focused on delivering the content in a practical and concise way to allow for readers to get the facts fast. 
I find social media is a fantastic way for brands to learn more about their target market and gain valuable insights into how they think and feel about their products and services, and I find newspapers and print distribution in general a fantastic way to allow for brand awareness. 
One thing I know for both social media and newspaper headlines, they have got to be catchy and draw attention so that the consumer wants to know more! 
So what's your take on headlines? Would you make them the same? Would you even put up the same content on both platforms? 

Monday, 20 July 2015

Colouring in Mindfulness

Coloring in for adults - say what?!
When I first heard of this new trend I was so on board, who doesn't remember and love coloring in as a kid?
It has certainly taken off and I can understand why.

Coloring is said to aid in Mindfulness as it allows the mind to focus solely on one thing whilst occupying your hands, letting you be present without even realising it. It helps to increase concentration and often helps replace any negative thoughts you may be having and reduces stress. Along with it being a creative outlet, this can improve the use of the right hemisphere of your brain as you are engaging in something that allows you to be creative and create a end result all by yourself.

The coloring book I have I picked up from Angus and Robertson LINK! and I was drawn to it due to the Mandalas. Through some reading I found out that one of the very first psychologists actually used coloring as a method of relaxation for clients and would have them color Mandalas due to the circular design and concentric shapes through them also being beneficial.
Mandalas originated in India and are linked to meditation.
What a perfect combo hey?

These are the ones I've started so far, and I am really enjoying allowing myself just a few minutes each day to stop and color for a bit, I feel like it allows some calm into my day and slows me down so when I get up and continue on with my day I feel like I am more in control if that makes sense?
I am planning on finishing this one up and framing it in my office, I also think it would make for a lovely thoughtful gift, to color one in thinking of someone and putting as much positive energy and love and time into it, framing it and sending it off to them letting them know your sending them some of the good vibes.
What do you think? Keen to go back to the good old days of being a kid sitting on the floor coloring in?

Monday, 13 July 2015

Lil and Emm

I don't know about you but I have a slight addiction to beautiful lingerie. 
Which seems totally odd seeing as no one sees it but you
(or potentially your partner if you happen to have one of those delights).
Yet there is just something so appealing as a women to have beautiful, delicate and special (matching I might add) pieces in your drawers isn't there... please tell me I'm not the only one?!

Perhaps its the fact in itself that it is just for you, not anyone else. Something that in todays world is a little unique - it seems like we are all always doing something for someone else, yet purchasing yourself something beautiful that you can take enjoyment out of all day without anyone knowing is special isn't it. Along with the fact that when I wear matching sets I really feel like I have my life together ha!
Enough rambling, I am posting today to show you a beautiful set I recently got from Lil & Emm; a new designing duo from Australia who are perfecting intimates. I am also lucky enough to know these ladies personally and can profess they are as beautiful as the pieces they make
(inside and out ill add).
Their most recent collection Je t'aime Jolie showcases some seriously delicate and romantic items, I purchased the Meet Me at Midnight - LINK! and had to take a few snaps to share it with you.


If you head over to the site HERE! You will see these items on the stunning Renee who defiantly showcases the brand perfectly.
I am loving wearing these under casual clothes to give me an edge of confidence, and I am keen for the warmer months to wear it with beautiful silk tanks and strappy dresses.
I may also be crossing my fingers for some more white to be added to the collection - I think it would go beautifully in summertime with a tan, a loose black silk cami, jeans and heels for an evening out.
I am so excited to see this brand take off, its so wonderful when you personally know the people behind the brand are working so hard to produce high quality pieces. I also need to add that these items are HAND MADE. I know?!?! They don't skimp on quality.
What are you loving from their collection?  

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Lifestyle: Mum Comes to Town

 Welcome back to Adorn Beauty, I've got a lifestyle post to share with you today.
How good are Mums? Seriously, if you've got one nearby go give them a cuddle. They just always seem to know what to do, what to say and how to help. Well my mum does anyway, and she recently came to spend a few days with us which was just so nice. I honestly feel like my life is that bit easier with my mum around!
Below are some shots from one of our days out, we came into the city in Brisbane so I could show her some of my favourite spots.
We got the train into central and this is right as you come out of the exit - building galore, I love it so much.
Tights: Dharma Bums - LINK!
Shoes: Nike - LINK!
Top: Lorna Jane - LINK!
Jacket - Target - Similar HERE!
Backpack - Nike - LINK!
We strolled through the centre of the city to head to a yoga class, there are so many building I could take photos of, they are each so different.
We then did a 45min deep stretch yoga class at Stretch Yoga - LINK!
We only did 4 poses in the 45 minutes! It was all about really settling into each pose, I really enjoyed it and would happily recommend any of the classes from here.  
The walls are so lovely, the studio has been done up really well. They have little plants all along one wall and quotes throughout.

We then headed to Jaime's Italian for some lunch (of which I totally forgot to photograph, but it was delicious! If you ever go order the polenta fries, SO good!) and headed for a walk to the other end of the city to check out the Botanical Gardens.
Macro Mum clearly in her element here!  

The gardens are gorgeous, I love that there is a beautiful green area with the city right there too

After that it was a walk back to the train and home we went.
I hope you enjoyed this little snippet into a day with my Mum, what do you normally do with your Mum?