Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Xen-Tan Moroccan Tan Review

Hello there, I have a review here today for you all.
Xen-Tan has just released a new tan called the
Moroccan Tan.
I am a tanning fanatic ~ hate to admit but I do love being naturally tanned as i am able to get quite a good dark colour from being out in the sun (slaps wrists).
However, this does mean when i use a fake tan i am really looking for one that no one will know isn't real, which for me means one that is green based to give a golden dark look as oposed to the yellow base tans that give you the orange look! 
Introducing the Moroccan Tan. This baby is all that i look for in a tan and more. I haven’t used this brand before as it is not available in shops in Australia (I bought mine on feel unique), but when i started seeing some great reviews of the stuff and heard it doesn’t stink (you all know that smell!) I knew i had to give it a go.
I'll let the photos do most of the talking then give a few of my tips at the end.

My arm prior to tanning - it is summer here in Aus atm, so i do have a natural tan kicking on.
This is how dark the lotions color guide is - a tad scary at first!

The color guide once you start to spread it out.

This is one leg done, one not. 

Again, one leg done, one not. You can see it looks a tad streaky - but this is just the color guide. 

This is all of me done in the tan, about to go to sleeps.

This is the tan the next morning after I showered. 

Legs after showering.

My arm later that day.

And there you have it, i hope these photos give you a good indication of the tan. After i finished tanning my boyfriend said 'wow that doesn’t even smell bad', so that’s a big thumbs up on the scent (which is a coconut, summertime smell by the way)

Here are a few things i learnt whilst doing this.

·        Use a tanning mitt!!! I started going to town on my leg using just my hands, and this tan is a quick dryer so you have to work relatively quick, after one leg my hands were a deep shade of green, dark tan. Defiantly use a tanning mitt, it makes it so much easier to blend and work with, and then you won’t have the tell tale sign of 'oh she self tans' hands.

·        Don’t sleep on white sheets! This indicator colour will stain your sheets for sure! So either have dark sheets where it won’t be noticeable, or sleep in a onsie!

Has this helped you decide if you want to try it? Are you keen to now give it a go?

Let me know, I bloomin' love it! This is for sure going to be my go to tan all winter when I’m not naturally tan (and maybe also in summer if i behave!)




  1. wow this is dark!! I want to try this one!! I have used the other xen tan products but not heard of this one before - I do have quite dry skin on legs so hope this will be ok - great review

    1. Thank you lovely! Yep it is dark, but not orange which i love! just make sure you moisturise your legs about half an hour before applying the tan and you should be right - then just moisterise each day to maintain it! good luck! xoxo

  2. Will order some and let you know how it goes :)

  3. Did you use the same in the face?


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