Saturday, 5 April 2014

Adorning in April #5: What I Wore - Double Denim

Happy weekend to you.
I have an outfit of the day that I shot last week of a denim on denim look I wore on the weekend. 
Whats your take on double denim? Love it or hate it? I personally quite like the look, I just always try to go for different colour washes and have another colour in there to break it up a bit. That may be a bright lip, patterned top, statement necklace or shoes or a bright interesting patterned scarf. This outfit inspo came from a picture of a girl wearing a bright pink lipstick. Sometimes I find outfit inspiration in the strangest things, or from the smallest element of the outfit. Like this one below, it all started with me knowing I wanted to wear a bright pink lip. This is how I make fashion fun, by starting knowing just one item I want to wear, or a certain style like casual, sporty, girly, tough etc that I want to achieve and I build it up from there. It makes it fun for me to search through my wardrobe and find new ways to mix and match items I may wear all the time. 
Anywho I am rambling now, onto the outfit! 

High Waisted Jeans: ASOS - LINK!

I am aware this photo has me blurry in the foreground and the backdrop of the garden in focus but for some reason I really like this image, I think its accent of the pink nail polish or something lol.
White Tank Top: Portmans - LINK!

Pink Lips: Revlon Lip butter in Lollipop - LINK!

Booties: Kmart - they don't have an online store sadly! 

Chambray Shirt: Forever 21 - LINK!

I hope your all having a great weekend, see you tomorrow! 

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