Monday, 31 August 2015


Hello there, welcome back. Today I wanted to share with you my first Fabletics order!
Fabletics if you've not heard is Kate Hudson's athletic brand that now ships to Australia (yippee!).
I had previously been sent two pairs of tights from her range by my lovely friend Hannah before it was available here and I fell in love, so when the offer came up in my email to score an entire outfit for $25 I was intrigued. 

Basically it is a monthly subscription but for active clothing, where you commit to paying $50 a month and get to pick an outfit a month (this is in US dollars mind you, more on that in a bit). 
You can choose to skip a month if you like and not pay anything, or if you forget and 
don't pick out something they give you a credit to spend when you wish to.
I like this idea mucho as I am often getting fitness gear as a motivator or reward for working out, I like that I can choose which months I want to pay for it too!
So I ordered an entire outfit for $57 dollars, thats the three pieces your seeing in this post. If you want to see me showing them in a video click HERE!

Overall I am so happy with the items, the quality is there and there are so many options to pick from the website. 
I am in love with the berry tights, they are that beautiful thick fabric, almost a double layer which really holds everything in place and they don't budge! The top is a fun one, perfect for layering a bright sports bra under and the sports bra itself I love the higher neck and longer shape, something that I can see myself wearing on its own in summer out running in the heat. 
Also good to note, I ordered this on the 6th of August and it arrived on the 14th! Amazingly fast shipping from the US!

Be aware of the prices would be my only caution to this brand, it is all displayed in US dollars even though your on the Aussie site for them. I didn't actually find out how much I paid until I checked my bank account because it never converts it anywhere on the site for you, not even during the payment. It told me I was paying $40 for everything including the shipping but it was actually $57 in the end. Still I am super happy with three fitness pieces at $19 each, but its something to be wary of - especially if you think your landing an amazing bargain and go crazy! (We've all been there).

As you can see the items worked a treat for me to play around in some yoga poses on the beach! I love being able to wear active wear that is fashionable and cute for just being out and about for the day, so I can stop drop and workout wherever pleases me hehe! 
Have you ordered anything from Fabletics? If yes tell me what you got....I may have another order for next month to shop for!

Click HERE if you want to check out the site and allow me to gain points if you go ahead and splurge! 

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Noosa is truly a beautiful spot in the world. 
Its located in Queensland Australia, just a 1.5hr drive from Brisbane.
It is quite a unique place in so many ways. The vibe, the way the main street is laid out right behind the beach but with parkland surrounding it, the location of the beaches (some of the few that face north in Australia) and the overall feeling it gives you being amongst the National Park full of trees and greenery, the beaches full of surfers and sun goers and the hustle and bustle feel of the tourists on Hastings Street. It really has something for everyone and I was lucky enough to get to spend the past week there with my parents relaxing and enjoying time with them. 
I am so grateful and lucky that I have parents who I LOVE spending time with, who are equal parts my parents who still give me priceless advice and care but are also my friends who I love to goof off with and hang out with. 
During the week I got to go on a bunch of runs with my Dad who is a huge inspiration for me and my running, he is why I started running so to get to run with him through the rain forrest, up some crazy hills, along the coast line edge and even finish off one run by running into the ocean together is some memories that I am going to keep quite close to me in terms of them being truly special moments in my life. 
I also got to do Yoga with my Mum, something that has brought us closer together due to our equal understanding in how it makes us feel. At the moment I am partaking in a Instagram Yoga Challenge (@runnersloveyoga) and my Mum is an incredible photographer so we had a blast all week picking out places for me to do the poses and I am so thankful how willing and helpful Mum is. 
I was then lucky enough to have my Mr come up for the weekend and we are planning to go back down next weekend to celebrate my Dad's birthday! 
I am just super thankful to have the people in my world that I do, when it comes down to it they are the ones that matter the most and when life gets fast-paced, hectic, full of competition at work or tough days its so nice to know that no matter what these are my people and nothing will change that.
Ok rambling must now stop. I have a bunch of photos of mostly the ocean because it just feels like home to me so I am constantly in awe of it. 

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Factor 50

Welcome back, and can I just say I am rather chuffed at myself for posting ever week for the past month or so - big high five to you if you've read every post.
That makes you a part of Adorn Beauty, which makes me happy so thank you!
Today I wanted to share a new product I've been using that gosh darn it I never thought I would really focus too much on.

Good ol skin care in its most basic format, sunscreen.
For pretty much all my life I have not paid too much attention to sunscreen, sure being an Aussie kid meant you had to lather it on and have that great white sheen to your entire body at the beach, thanks parents, but other than that I never really gave it much thought.
Fast forward to me being a teenager who dreamt of living by the ocean, wearing a different bikini every day and rejoicing in the fact that I was graced with skin that 'caught the sun' as the English say (Dads work on the skin there, Mum is a burner - thanks Dad!).
So I was the girl at summer camp who wore SPF 4 (I am not even kidding), and I wouldn't even bother to put anything on my face (cue me on a flight after said summer camp with swollen burnt lips).
However now I am starting to see there is a slight error in my ways, mostly in the fact that I've realised I don't want to look like this one day:

Not ideal. I have also moved to Brisbane, or what Australian's refer to as The Sunshine State. I think its this with a realisation that I'm not going to get new fresh skin anytime soon that I started looking into wearing sunscreen on a daily basis.
Thats where the Mecca Cosmetica Sunscreen in 50+ comes in. This beauty is actually new to the scene, they have had the 30+ version for a few years now, one that they worked on the formula for over 5 years on to get just right and this newest version is no different. It took them 4 years to develop this one, because as you can imagine trying to get in a higher SPF count but not create a grease face is a tough thing to do! However I am happy to say that they have done it and passed with flying colours. 
I have been wearing this on my face everyday as a primer / moisturiser prior to putting on my foundation and it is working a treat. It has a slight pink tint to it but rubs in easy and isn't greasy or thick whatsoever. Having the moisturiser in there too is brilliant, I get to combine skincare steps which the lazy girl in me rejoices in! 
The other wonderful thing about this is the smell! It smells SO good, it actually reminds me of this incredible olive oil moisturiser that I purchased from an olive oil farm in Italy that I cannot purchase online (sob sob), so the fact that this smell brings me right back to sun kissed days in Italy pleases me immensely.
I have noticed that later on in the day my face is a bit more shiny that prior to using, but as I have oily skin this is not a surprise. I am just finding I pop on some Rimmel Stay Matt Pressed Powder in the afternoon which stops any greasy look for me. 
So on a scale of 1 to 10 in recommending I would go with an 9 as it working wonders for me, smells incredible and I am rather chuffed that I have upped my sun care game!
Do you use sunscreen daily? If so do you love what your using? Let me know, this is a whole new world for me to explore! 

Monday, 10 August 2015

Sunday Riley Luna Night Oil

Welcome back to Adorn Beauty!
Today I wanted to share with you one of my newest skincare buys, Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil.

The story behind this purchase is rather funny so I shall share (it also emulates my scary purchasing behaviour).
I had read about this serum from a few blog posts and seen a few comments within YouTube videos of people saying they liked it. Cue me going onto Mecca Cosmetica to find that it is online for purchase (tends to be a rarity being in Aus watching people from overseas comment on products). I then try to purchase but it tells me it is sold out online and not available in any stores near me.
I continually check online, still no luck. I then email them to be put onto a waitlist and they respond advising I should put my name down in a store and that they will also call me when it is back online if I like, I liked very much.
So off I went to put my name down on the wait list to hear that this product is sold out worldwide, this further enhances my want for it. Whilst at Mecca I accidently purchase the hourglass brow pencil too (whoops).
I then semi forget about it, aka I don't check online daily as I know they will call me when it is back in stock.
I am then home sick one day in bed feeling sorry for myself when my phone rings.
"Hello Sarah, this is Julie from Mecca. I just wanted to let you know that a small amount of the Luna Night Oil is available online, you will have to purchase soon if you want it as it is limited stock"
Shopaholic within delight! I immediately open my laptop and before you can say expensive I've bought it.

Ok so after that rather long winded story, the actual product! It is blue, comes in a lovely box, feels really sturdy and has that weighted expensive feel to it. I love that it is a serum with a dropper, so much easier to avoid wasting any. I use a half dropper for my entire face and put on right before bed. It actually makes your skin go a green/blue shade when you first apply - makes me feel like I am a mermaid.
The scent of it also reminds me of the sea, not the lovely salt smell but instead something more like seaweed - not ideal but I'm happy to bear it as I fall asleep around 5mins after I put it on anyway.

So, would I recommend it? Well yes and no.
I wouldn't recommend going crazy to try and get your hands on it like I did, and if you have other products that you like use them up first. I think I over hyped this one for myself so I'm not jumping for joy at it or anything. That being said though, it does give me a fresh plump face in the morning, and after almost a full months use I can see that my pores are smaller (winning). It is said to be great for acne as well, which I don't have (whichever parent graced me with that Thank-you!) but if you do this may be the perfect thing to reduce any scars.
Have any of you ever fallen into a big hype over something before? If yes what? I seem to recall a big ordeal being made over a certain pair of American Apparel Disco Pants (shakes head).

Monday, 3 August 2015

RECIPE: Guacamole

Ahhh Guacamole - is there anything better? I think not, as a huge lover of Avocado, guac is something I will often make to have as a snack or with a Mexican inspired dinner so today I wanted to share with you the recipe I make. I am more than sure almost everyone has their own take on this popular dish but I'm throwing my two cents in too! Originally I learnt this off my Mum (thanks Mum!), but I may have made a few slight tweaks in my time of guacamole inhalation hehe.

- 1 Avocado 
Preferably ripe although we all know how that usually goes

I have found this trick to work quite well for me

- 8 to 10 Cherry Tomatoes
- Dash of Salt & Pepper
-  Dash of Chilli Flakes
- 2 teaspoons of Cumin Spice
- 1 Clove of Garlic
- 1/4 or half of a Spanish Onion or regular Onion
- Juice from one lemon (or more depending on your taste)

1: Chop up your avocado and mash with a fork in a bowl (I find it helps to put it into the bowl and then just slice at it with a knife to make mashing it up really easy)
2: Cut up onion, cherry tomatoes and garlic and add to bowl (chop as small as you can, or to create a chunky version do this haphazardly!)
3: Juice the lemon and add in
4: Add a dash Salt & Pepper, the cumin and chilli flakes
5: Mix all together, taste test and add more S&P, lemon juice or cumin as needed

LOOK at this adorable and teeny tiny Mortar & Pestle my parents gifted me from Alaska! I used this to grind up my pink Himalayan salt - its SO tiny, I am obsessed lol.

 And there we have it, my most loved snack for when I am willing to make effort to make it! I found some corn chips from the supermarket (woolworths) that only had three ingredients and is organic (same brand as pictured just the original version). I also love to have this on sourdough bread to make it a bit more exciting, with carrot sticks, corn thins or as I said on top of some Mexican style dinners like chilli con carne - yum!
Let me know if you make this and what you think, or if you have a special recipe you use and how it is different to mine!