Friday, 29 November 2013

What I Wore: Summertime Work Outfit

Well hello there and welcome back to Adorn Beauty!
Here today on this slice of the web I have an outfit of the day, more to the point a summers day work outfit. All of these items are semi-ish new so should still be in stores - huurahh!

I have found staring at a computer screen all day helps to give me headaches so I went and got the eyes tested and yup I need glasses for work. I got an amazing deal buy one get one free at Specsavers so I have two really nice sets. The ones I'm wearing today are: HERE!

The skirt is from Asos and an absolute steal! Its perfect for work, is a really nice thick stretch fabric so its comfy but still looks quite professional, comes with a belt too - can be found HERE!
p.s. can you spot the creeper?

How about now? Lol, Chris my bf decided to be a little stalkerish and stand there for ages until I spotted him, he got me giggling!
These shoes are a pair I bought in the US last year so not too sure where you could get them, here is a similar pair though - HERE!

This blouse is the perfect addition to a summer wardrobe. It works teamed up with work skirts or pants to make it more corporate, but paired with denim shorts work too - win win!
Find them HERE!

Lastly, It was minimum jewels this week. Sometimes simplifying things is a nice change. The necklace is a coin which I really like - its from ASOS - HERE!


What do you wear for work? Some mornings I get up and just have inspiration!

Monday, 25 November 2013

Summer Chicken Salad

Hello everyone, today I have a recipe post for you.
I made this last week making it up as I went along and it turned out to be so yummy and tasty so I snapped it on my iPhone to ensure I remember it so I can make it again!
I have called this one my Summer Chicken Salad, but it is perfect for all year round if you just add into the salad the fruits and vegetables that are in season.

Chicken breast
Salt & Pepper
Olive Oil
Lime Juice
Lemon Juice
Wholegrain Mustard
Balsamic Vinegar

Cook chicken in olive oil, salt and pepper. I always allow the chicken to brown then I use tongs and sissors to chop it into bite size pieces, much easier than cutting it raw!
Create the salad by mixing the rocket, spinach, cabbage and lettuce and placing onto a big plate. Cut up all the fruits and veggies into bite size and add to the greens. I didnt put in quantities as it is really up to you and how much you want to eat!
Add cooked chicken to the top of the salad.
To make the dressing, get out a small cup and juice a lemon and a lime. Add in salt & pepper, 2 teaspoons of wholegrain mustard and 2 tablespoons of balsamic vingear. Mix up with a spoon.
Add dressing over the salad and chicken and volia!
Enjoy ♥♥♥

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Photo Diary - A Week In My iPhone

Hello all, hope you are having a good week! Today I am kicking off my photo diary posts with a week in my iPhone. I will be honest here. I love photography, I always have. It all started when I was given a camera on my first big overseas trip with my family when I was 8, I was hooked. Realising I could capture moments and then keep them forever really amazed me, still does. I then did photography for my electives all through high school and collage and fell in love with the processing side of it, developing negatives in the dark room, learning about appartures and shutter speed, the rule of thirds; all of it was just so interesting to me from a creative side of things.
So its no supprise then that I take WAY too many photos on my iPhone, I am always wanting to capture things, remember moments. Of course there are the photo sharing sites such as instagram, but I always have so many photos I dont want to overload it! Thats where the photo diary posts come in, its a perfect way for me to document whats been happening in my day to day life to look back on. Has anyone else noticed that iPhones dont show you the date that you took a photo? Which is why this good old little spot on the internet is perfect!
10.11.13 - 17.11.13

Monday mornings = fresh hair, new nailpolish, coffee, glasses and a positive outlook to the new week!
My fresh juice addiction is growing ♥ I get SO much energy from them! This was was: 2 carrots, 1 beetroot, 2 oranges, 4 baby cucumbers, 1 apple and 2 cups of spinach!  

Lunches for the week! This was a chicken soup with coconut milk, qunioa, carrot, onion, celery and asparagus, the coconut milk made it really tasty!

I know its almost summertime when the Mulberry tree in my parents backyard has fruit on it! This is my childhood memories all wrapped up in one. I use to spend hours out there with my brother eating the fruit right off the tree. 

As I am a Tone It Up member, I recieve member emails each week. This sentence from Danielle really stuck with me so I made it into a picture ♥ I love doing this, gives me nice reminders for the day when I save them on my phone.

He can cook! haha, this is one of my dinners from during the week that the bf made. So yummy!

Afternoon snack in the form of a smoothie, this combo was yummo.

Some pictures from my morning #bootycalls! I always take photos of the lake, it is by far my favorite thing about this city.

Purple eyeshadow for a work day, I dont often wear color on my eyes but I like this look.

Reminding myself how important health is. I am so interested in health and fitness as a life insurance for myself. I want to live a long healthy happy life and the best way is through taking care of myself.

Love my 'More Issues Than Vogue' tee ♥

Nail combo for the week was a Maybelline black polish (unsure of the name) and Essie 'Set In Stones' on top, lasted the whole week no chipping!  

Family skype sesh with my big brother who is living in Canada. Here we are freaking him out lol. Love my family.

Ahhh the VS Fashion Show filmed this week, cant wait to watch it! These girls are such beauties!

I love this concept so much, gave me a good laugh too! This should apply to vending machines! 

Weekends = perfect fit protien pancakes. Everytime. Love ♥ ♥ ♥

This got me going, too funny. 

A good reminder to assess the things your doing in your life. Life can get hetic and busy and stressful at times, but if you stop and think about why you choose to do things you may realise some things you dont need to waste time on, you may be happier knowing your so busy doing things you love or are happy to invest time and effort in. If it doesnt benefit you, change the world you live in. You create it so make it amazing ♥

Sunday, 17 November 2013

November Wish List

Hello everyone, today I've got my current lust list to show you. 
I need to get myself a money tree asap! 
Let me know what would be the first thing you'd get??

Nike Pro Shorts: LINK!

Nike Free 5.0: LINK!

Asos Trousers: LINK!

Asos Blouse with Peter Pan Collar: LINK!

New Look Coin Purse: LINK!

Marc Jacobs Enamel Logo Disc Stud Earrings: LINK!

Marc Jacobs East End Long Trifold Wallet: LINK!

Lorna Jane All Day Core Stability F/L Tights: LINK!

Lorna Jane Electric Sports Bra: LINK!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Desk Decor

I am currently lusting over beautiful desk spaces. I am attempting to keep mine in an orderly fashion and have it be a productive, useful, organised and inspiring place for me to be. Whenever my desk is a mess I tend to avoid that section of my apartment and it becomes my 'dumping grounds' with all of those pesky bills, payslips, bank statements, filing etc filling up the space .... not pretty!
So I've been looking at images of beautiful, inspiring and interesting desk decor to give me some ideas and to get me motivated to sort it out. Wish me luck!
desk decor
breakfast at toast-picture frame art and desk decor
spring-y desk decor.
Still need to decorate my desk at work
Desk Decor
desk decoration

desk decor ideas #office #work #desk #decor #office #work #desk #decor #office #work #desk #decor
 How do you keep your desk?

Saturday, 9 November 2013

A Healthy Detox Juice

Hello hello, hope you are all well. Today I have a post all about one of my favourite juicing concoctions. This is the perfect detox juice! It tastes really yummy, if full of vitamins and nutrients, leaves you feeling satisfied and full of energy! 
Want to know why? Read on!
Whats in it?
   1 Beetroot
1 Orange
1 Carrot
1 Cucumber
1 Cup of Spinach
2 stalks of Kale
5-6 stalks of Celery 

Why is it a perfect detox juice?
So almost every fresh juice you have is going to give your body a detox. This is because you are supplying your body with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are coming from the fruits and vegetables without the need to break it down to digest it to use it. Your giving your digestive system a break, which allows the juice to flush out toxins in your body easier and quicker, leaving you feeling 'lighter' and more energised. This type of juice is especially great for after you've had a big night out, or eaten too much, or had a lot of sugar as the vegetables help to detoxify those chemicals from your body quickly. 
What are the health benefits?
 Beetroot: contains iron, vitamin C, calcium, sulfar and potassium this vegetable is anti-infamatory, high in minerals and strengthens the liver. 
Orange: we all know this one, full of vitamin C oranges are the perfect fruit to ward of that common cold! 
Carrot: carrots are full of vitamin A which is the key ingredient to eyesight. It is also full of beta-carotene which is helpful in boosting your immune system. 
Cucumber: a great source of vitamins A, C and K cucumber juice is anti-ageing, great for your complexion and improves hair and nail strength.
Spinach: is one of only a few veggies that are high in vitamin E. It is also high in protein! This is great for anti-inflammatory, promotes healing and is good for your complexion.
Kale: full of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Calcium and Iron this veggie helps to reduce the risk of cancer, benefits your eyesight and is full of antioxidants.  
Celery: contains B1, B6 and fibre helping to lower blood pressure, protect the cardiovascular system and prevent migraines.  

Let me know if you make one of these! Tag me on Instagram with a pic using the #adornbeautydetox
Or let me know what your favourite juicing combo is, I am obsessed with juicing atm!