Friday, 4 April 2014

Adorning in April #4: Essie Nail Polish Additions

Hello there, welcome back.
Today I have a quick beauty post. I am addicted to Essie Nail Polish and have added three more to my ever growing collection (to see the rest of my collection click HERE)
It seems I was drawn to the white based creamy colors this time.

I am happy to say i've worn each all of these colors now, each one for a full week and can report back that I love them! They dont chip! I dont know if its that the base undertone is white, or that its a more creamy color or that they are brand new but I had the slightest amount of chipping on the very tips after a full 7 days of wear. Winning!
You can purchase these nail polishes in Australia from Priceline whoop woo! 
Link HERE! 
Which colour is your favourite? Any recommendations? 
Have a great evening! 

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