Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Adorning in April #29: LJ Reversible Tights

Ahhhh the Lorna Jane obsession is real..... and continually growing! 
I really had no choice in the matter though when they released this pair of tights - reversible 7/8 tights with one side being navy and the other hot pink?!?! Its like they entered my mind, figured out my perfect pair of workout tights and then boom - here they are! 
Plus I got them on a 20% off day.....then you half that as they are two pairs in one.... so really I paid like $30 for each side.... that makes perfect sense right?! Ahhh the things I will tell myself.
Anyway, I wanted to share this workout outfit with you all, as I'm sure if your anything like me these may be a must have for you too! 

You can wear them in 4 different styles by rolling the waist band down and leg part up giving a contrast panel. I figured these may just be the perfect pair of tights to take travelling; less space to take up as they are two in one, a bright colour for the days you want to stand out or have a plain top on and a basic navy for the days you don't want to scream 'hey look at my tights' or perhaps your wearing a top that does that already so you need tights that are a little more low key. 
Anywho enough with my rambling, I am typing like a crazy woman; I've had the busiest day and am a little 
'la la' at the moment! 
I hope you've had a great day full of things that made you smile; top three things that made me smile today were:
1: seeing a smart car on the drive into work - they are just so tiny I can't help but giggle every time i see one!
2: Cuddling a baby - is there anything better?
3: A quote my yoga teacher said tonight in class 'push your boundaries - intelligently and with kindness' that really resonated with me so I'm using it as my mantra this week! 
See you tomorrow! 

I had a bit of fun racing around and playing with the shutter speeds on my camera lol

Lorna Jane Reversible 7/8 Tight - LINK HERE! 

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  1. Not to sound creepy, but it makes me giggle to think of you turning your reversible tights around between shots in the garden. Aussietandemgirl. You are looking fab BTW.


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