Sunday, 20 April 2014

Adorning in April #20: Epsom Salts

Hello hello!!
Happy Easter all, I hope your all having a relaxing time spent with family and friends.
I went on a massive stair workout two days ago and my poor calves are still feeling it today! I could barely walk yesterday and today was still feeling it so I went on a jog to hopefully loosen up the muscles a bit and then I took an Epsom Salts Bath. 
Epsom Salts is something that I didn't know about until last year when I was looking into way to recover muscle fatigue and soreness. 

Epsom Salts is a salt containing magnesium, sulphur and oxygen and has a magnitude of uses. Studies have shown that magnesium and sulphate are both easily absorbed through the skin and both have a tone of roles in the body including but not limited to reducing inflammation, helping muscles to not harden, soothes aching limbs, healing cuts, treating colds, reducing stress, absorbing nutrients, flushing out toxins from the body and helping to ease headaches. 
I know it sounds like a wonder salt doesn't it!!?! 

The easiest way to gain these benefits is by using Epsom Salts in a bath, just add 1-2 cups to a tub full of water, soak in it for at least 15mins and then take it easy for about two hours after. 

I always find this one of the nicest ways to unwind, de-stress and help my sore muscles out in a natural way. I will treat myself every few months with Lush Bath Bombs, but in-between that and when I am workout out quite a lot; i'll use Epsom Salts. 
They actually have a tonne of other uses as well including removing blackheads, cleaning your bathroom tiles, face scrub, fertilising your house plants and more! 
You can get Epsom Salts from pretty much any grocery store (I got mine from Coles in the health and beauty isle) and it isn't overly expensive either - this 1kg size one cost me around $8 I think. 
Do you use Epsom Salts? Any other uses you think I should try? Let me know if you haven't used it before and if you do! 
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