Thursday, 31 July 2014

A Healthy Mindframe on - CHEATS - TREATS - REWARDS -

Hello there, welcome back!
Today I wanted to share with you my thought process on a healthy way of thinking about a few different things.
Slightly random and odd I know but this is something that has really helped me in terms of having a healthy frame of mind when it comes to living a balanced life. As I mentioned in a previous post (HEALTHY LIVING) I truly believe that to have a healthy body it all starts within. This includes the way you think about things, most importantly the way you think about yourself and the relationship you have with eating healthy and exercise.
So today I want to talk about the three words above. I think they are all extremely different, and the way you think about each one should be positive and effect your healthy living in a good way. When I first stared thinking about this (whilst I was running - see told you I get into wired thought processes when I run alone haha) because I think so many people in the 'fit' world mix the meanings behind each of these up (in terms of health and fitness).
Ultimate Surfer Workout With Monica Nelson
Cheat - what does that mean exactly? To cheat yourself out of something? To do something that seems wrong? To maybe do something or get to a certain point in a way that isn't the most honest? This is what comes to mind for me.
The interwebs defines cheat as: act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage. So why would you decide to use this word to describe a meal to yourself? Why do people say they have 'cheat meals' or 'cheat days' - I honestly think that this way of thinking is destructive when it comes to eating healthy and working out. If you truly want to be fit and healthy and happy why would you 'cheat' on that? Shouldn't it be about living a wholesome, balanced life. You don't have 'cheat days' where you allow yourself to be rude to everyone you interact with do you? That sounds crazy doesn't it?! That's how I view the whole 'cheat meal' thing. I don't think it is helpful for your frame of mind to view food like that whatsoever!
Treat - what do you think of when you think treat? Something your getting that is special? Something that doesn't happen often? Treat is defined as:
an event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure. Doesn't that seem like a much better way to view having a meal that you maybe don't eat every single day? 


Sink or Swim~ Episode 4 of #TonedUp on Bravo. Getting the perfect shots for Beach Babe 2!!
Reward - ahhh to reward yourself, reward for an achievement. Defined as: a thing given in recognition of service, effort, or achievement. A perfect thing to do to recognise the effort you are making in turning your life into a long, happy and healthy one. Rewards are something that I believe is vital in ensuring to continue with healthy living. It is something I do often for goals I set myself; like running 5km without stopping, entering my first 5km race, running 10km without stopping, performing a month long abs challenge and so on.
However, I don't think that food should be connected to achievements when it comes to workouts. If you do an amazing run and feel incredible after and then reward yourself with doughnuts or chocolate or pizza your then going to associate exercise with not so great eating, or every time you do an awesome workout you'll immediately think of food! Rewards should be things you gift yourself to say 'hey well done, your making goals and then reaching them' 

My favourite reward is always always fitness gear! Its like fuelling a fire haha! The more goals I set and conquer, the more workout clothes I have, the more I then feel motivated to workout, the more goals I set myself..... its a never ending cycle that keeps me motivated, healthy and happy! 

Lorna Jane clothing is by far my favourite reward - which you can find HERE but you can always reward yourself with other things; a bubble bath, a facial or massage, painting your nails, an afternoon of no jobs or tasks, a weekend away .... the options are endless! 

A view of the Lorna Jane store.



I think you should treat yourself when you feel like it, not because of anything to do with fitness. I think you should reward yourself with NON food things whenever you reach a fitness goal you've set for yourself and I don't think you should EVER cheat on your mind or body.
Getting these three words sorted into specific meanings for myself has helped me a great deal in how I view food, healthy eating and happy living. May seem simple or basic, but the way you allow yourself to view things essentially defines you.
What are you thoughts on this, I'd love to know!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

FOOD: Bill's Cafe Covent Garden

Well hello there, how are you today?
I wanted to start doing a few new themed posts, some titled THIS WEEK with what's been on my mind for the week, what I've been loving, what I'm obsessing over etc and then FOOD posts with reviews on places I eat out, favourite recipes, meal prep and all good things like that - what do you think? Too late, I'm doing it anyway! tehehe
So first up on this new FOOD series is a review on a place I ate whilst staying in London, Bill's Café in Covent Garden.
Bill's is a funky café / restaurant style place with a grocery store feel to it as all the walls are lined with produce. A cool thing you can do is they actually give you a grocery list when you sit down and you can tick off things on the list you'd like - they then collect the items whilst you eat and add the cost to your bill and give you the packed bag on the way out! Neat huh? I wish my weekly grocery shop was laid out like that!  
There are actually Bill's cafes located all over England I believe, but I loved this one as it is tucked away in a courtyard so you can escape the hustle and bustle of the busy streets around Covent Garden.

Now onto the food! (drools). We ordered fried haloumi with herbs for a starter to share with a aioli dip - ermagawsh it was so yum 
 Mum ordered the spinach, avocado and sundried tomato salad - she really enjoyed it. Tip though, she did order the starter size and thought after that the main size would have been better.
I had the grilled chicken skewers with cous cous, pitta bread and a tzatziki sauce. I really enjoyed this meal, it was full of flavours that complemented one another, was the perfect size for a main meal for me and left me feeling satisfied and not uncomfortable. 4/5 for me!    

Dad went with the burger - something I think is a classic at this restaurant, he really enjoyed it and said the chips were spot on! 

Here is the business card for you with some details on where you can find it.
If your in the area I would recommend it for sure, I'm just sad I didn't get to go there for a breakfast, the menu looked just as good as the dinner one!
Have a great day!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Current Obsession: GRANOLA

 You guys, I have an addiction ...
I cannot for the life of me stop making and eating granola.
This is the first week in I'd say around 5 weeks that I haven't made granola and I am currently experiencing withdrawal symptoms and pondering making granola tonight at 9pm....that's totally normal right?
Anyway I am thanking my lucky stars that granola can be considered a health food, although in the copious amounts I'm eating it at I'm not too sure haha! In all serious-ness I highly recommend you make some granola ASAP! It is the perfect breakfast food to mix with fruit and greek yoghurt, I eat it for morning tea with fruit, I sprinkle some on top of my smoothies and smoothie bowls, I make a cocoa one and have it for dessert with strawberries .... the options are endless. I may even stand at the kitchen cupboard and eat a few spoonful's!!! (shhh don't tell!)  
The two recipes I've been bouncing back and forth and making hybrids of is the I Quit Sugar Coconutty Granola and the Lorna Jane NOURISH Granola. Equally obsessed with both.
The IQS Granola is actually available for free online so I say make it immediately, fall in love with it, purchase the Lorna Jane NOURISH Cookbook and make hers, then continue to make both forever and on.
And then perhaps come join me in the 'Granola addiction club' you'll like it there...we serve granola.
Here is the link to the IQS Granola: HERE!
And here is the link to the Lorna Jane NOURISH cookbook (it has an abundance of other amazing recipes too btw): HERE!
Let me know once you've passed over to the dark side

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle. Rediscover your best self with products that combine the very best of nature and science!
What is the secret to getting fit and being healthy?
Why are so many people obsessed with working out and eating kale?
How do you achieve a body your proud of?

These are things I use to think about a lot. I use to dream and wish and hope and dream to get a 'perfect' body. I use to wish that I could sit down and not have rolls of fat on my stomach. I use to not understand how someone could go out and just order a salad or fish when there was pizza and pasta for the taking.

This health journey is a long one and one that is totally unique to each individual.
It is something that I've embarked on and am finding it to be one of the most valuable things to focus on in my life to date. I don't think this is ever going to change.

You only have one body, that's it. One life, one body. Why on earth would you not want to treat it as the most important part of your living? I mean, it is really isn't it?
Your Healthy Monday Mantra: If you feel like youre falling off the fit wagon, look to this quote for inspiration. Remember that consistency is your key to success.

I once remember reading that you should treat your body like a temple. You wouldn't walk shit through a temple so why would you put crap food into your body? Why would you think negatively of yourself in your temple? Your mind body and soul should be your retreat, your ideal place to be, the one place in the entire world that makes you happy and that you know is safe. Your body can be the absolute best place for you and can make you feel so alive and happy and whole.

What you think you become. You cant think negatively about yourself and then expect to achieve great things. Life isn't the easiest thing to get through at times so you should aim to be your own best friend so you know that no matter what's going on, you've got your own back.

I guess I'm trying to point out that you cant get fit and healthy without realising its a compilation of how you think along with what you do. Being healthy is about a healthy mindset, a healthy relationship with yourself, a healthy outlook to moving your body and a healthy way of nourishing yourself with food - which can be the best or worst medicine you give yourself....daily.

2012 - me - unhappy, overweight for my preference, eating junk and not understanding why I wasn't happy. I would say 'right I'm going to get skinny, I'm going to workout everyday and not eat takeaway or chocolate' I'd last a week, no joke. And I would spend that week wishing I could eat a milky way and talking myself into ways that would make it justifiable to do so. I would workout and then eat crap and think that it was ok. But then a week would pass and I wouldn't see a change to my body, I'd get pissed off at myself because I couldn't make a change and I'd eat crap again. Then I'd sit there hating on myself for eating the crap. I'd think oh ill do some situps before bed, I'd then not bother because what use is 20 situps after chocolate right?
A dear friend gave me this book several years and it has so many great motivational quotes for women. I love picking it up and reading it when I feel like I'm failing......
I'm trying to show you here how my mindset was, the cycle I was on of thinking yes I want to be skinny, I want abs, I want to wear a bikini. Then trying for maybe a month tops, not seeing change and giving up angry at myself.

Wowie is this not the right way to go about it. I know for most people when you think health and fitness you think oh that person wants to be skinny. This is SO WRONG! We all need to re-adjust our thinking to: health and fitness? That person must want to feel happy and energetic and get more out of life. THIS is the reason to take the leap to living a healthier life.

Finally at the end of 2012 something inside me clicked a little. I thought for the umpteenth time, I really WANT to be healthy, look good and feel happy. I then realised that this back and forth of trying for a week or a month wasn't going to cut it anymore. I decided to be KIND to myself and give myself a year to change. Yes an entire year. I really wanted to make this stick and actually change my body shape for good, which meant a lifestyle change, which takes time. So I decided to commit, give myself that time and really focus on becoming healthy within a year. And you know what? It worked.
2014 and I now couldn't imagine not living this healthy lifestyle. I much prefer to have a smoothie or a fresh juice than a sweet. I'll choose almond butter over chocolate, I get excited at 5.45am to get up and workout. Its like second nature to me now. But it took me a year to get to this, and now I'm living this healthier way and loving it. Initially it was all about me wanting to change how I look, now I couldn't imagine not living like this because of how it makes me FEEL - how I look is just a great secondary bonus to me. The energy, happiness and accomplishment I feel every week is something I never want to trade in.
So basically I've just done a big ramble because its something I wanted to get out my head for me to read in the future. Its a bit different to what I've posted on my blog before but I'm hoping that anyone out there reading this who feels in some way - 'yes! I can relate to that' finds this helpful.
Exercise not only changes your BODY. It changes your MIND, your ATTITUDE and your MOOD. Bring on the change!!!
Give yourself TIME, be KIND to yourself, decide that this is a LIFE change for you, not a 'ill try for a month so I can look good for summer' change. Make the choice to make the change to a healthier life and take it a step at a time. Don't look for the change in the mirror, notice it inside first because ultimately that is what will keep you going.
Let me know if you would be interested in reading posts like this more often, whenever I run I have this internal conversation with myself about all sorts of topics on health, fitness, happiness, being content etc that could be of interest .... perhaps!
STOP yoyo-ing with healthy eating/working out- and going back to making bad choices! Find a lifestyle that works and stick with it.
Lots of Love,
images taken from Pinterest and my own

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Wanderlust: LA

Take your next Los Angeles vacation on us. Choose a getaway that will not break your budget. Get FREE Room Rates on your next vacation to LA. 
Why hello there, how are you on this fine day? (I am actually freezing my bootay off so I wouldn't call it fine at the moment in that regard, in terms of happiness however - fine oh fine!)
Can we all just pause for a moment and be astounded in this next sentence.
I am going on the Tone It Up Retreat.... in California .... this year.
Ahhhhumm yep! I know, say what?! Can I contain my excitement? Not really. Do I think of anything but daydreaming of LA and beaches and workouts and dancing and meeting the girls who changed my life? Ahum nope! Do I find myself constantly lost in outfit planning for warm summer days with my toes in the sand? Why yes. Yes I do.
Lose the Freshman 15: Tone It Up
haha, yes I am lucky enough to be one of the girls headed to Cali for the first Tone It Up Retreat. Beyond exited I am. I am actually also getting to spend some time with my brother who lives in Canada! I'm going to fly out early and he is going to come and meet me in LA so we can spend some time together! I cant wait to see him, contrary to most sibling relationships; me and my brother get along so well even though we are so SO different lol. He was my first and longest friend so I cant wait to explore LA with him. 

Me and Goober when we went skydiving together

I shall be blogging about my experience, my typical packing dilemma (do I pack all my outfits planned or pack nothing and shop like a loony?!) what we do on the retreat and of course my time spent in La La Land.
Being that its winter and faahhhrezing here I find myself daydreaming about being warm quite a lot. Que pinterest scrolls for hours of summertime pics which has resulted in a motivational / wanderlust blog post for you all. Daydream with me...
SUMMER! I'm so ready. TIU Retreat
TIU Retreat
TIU Retreat - Newport
Check out these insider tips on the top 10 destinations to travel to in 2014.

United States, California - Santa Monica

Universal's Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios
universal studios, orlando, florida <3
Venice beach!!  For info on Los Angeles go to
Los Angeles Travel Guide | Travel + Leisure a pretty good overview of specific locations, shops and bars. 
10 Things You Shouldn't Do in Los Angeles
Now let me ask you this: what types of posts would you like to see? An entire follow along with me as I go on a trip I've always dreamt about? A post here and there on travel and my tips? Fitness and travel? Let me know and I shall do.
Would Vlogs of this trip interest you as well? I'm thinking I may vlog the experience as I feel its a once in a lifetime one for me!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Paris Travel Photo Diary Day #2

Hello there, welcome back!
As if you haven't already seen enough holiday snaps I'm back at it again with round two of Paris and its beauty.... enjoy / jouir!

The beautiful view from our hotel balcony - we stayed at The Prince Hotel, great location - simple but perfect room for what we needed, I would happily recommend!

The view from inside the Louvre 

Sphinx sculpture

My bestie who LOVES art (and is an artist herself) content learning the history 

Venus de Milo 

Mona Lisa

The view from the café where we sipped espresso

This painting is really special to me. When I was 16 I went with my school to Singapore and France. We visited the Louvre and I found this painting (which is absolutely HUGE by the way) and I fell in love with it. It was the first moment I truly appreciated art and the talent that it takes to paint something like this. I mean look at the depth to it - unbelievable! So this time going back to see the Louvre I really wanted to find the painting again to show Torz. We had our tour and didn't see it, then we decided after the tour to look around a bit more ourselves and just as we were deciding to leave I said I dont think were going to find it. We walked down some steps into the next room, I turned and yelled out oh my gosh there it is! lol. I then stood and stared at it again for an age! Its by Giovanni Panni btw. 

After the Louvre we walked along the river and crossed the love lock bridge - it is pure crazy as to how many locks there are here! We didn't put lock on but blew kisses instead! 

Paris is just so beautiful, every street is so lovely. It really has a romantic feel to it in all the architecture 

Notre Dame Cathedral - stunning! 

Loved the view from the back of the Cathedral 

We then walked to the Champs-Elysees for some shopping, macaroons and coffee

The Laduree store was just beautiful, defiantly recommend anyone visits whilst in Paris, its the first Macaroon store in ze world! 

I loved the greenery along the street too

So many choices!!! 

From L-R: Pistachio, Salted Caramel, Vanilla and Strawberry - all amazing! 

The Arc de Triomphe - the one road where no car insurance is valid and no rules apply! Cray cray!

Hello tiny people up there!

On the way back to our hotel we walked down the designer shops street - ooo la la! Here I am pretending like Chanel and I go hand in hand lol.
I hope you enjoyed these photos, here are my Day 2 in Paris tips:
1: WALK! We chose to walk everyone to 1 save money and 2 to see more sights! You really take in a city when you explore on foot and always end up seeing so much more of the little things like beautiful tucked away streets.
2: Again we booked our Louvre tour through Skip the Line which is amazing! No waiting in lines, personalised tour with not many people and great stories told about the artwork that I otherwise would have had no idea about! You can find the company we booked through HERE! Totally worth it!
Thanks for stopping by! xoxo