Sunday, 6 April 2014

Adorning in April #6: Sunday Prep-day

Happy Sunday all! 
Today I wanted to show you a snippet into my Sunday routine; meal prep!
I do this every Sunday, I make all my lunches for the week, prepare my bombshell spells (metabolism boosting drink for first thing in the morning) and some snacks to have at work as well. I honestly find if I can set aside 2 or so hours each Sunday to make the healthy choices for the week and prepare them; then I have a much smoother week. I don't have to worry about making my lunches and snacks everyday which in turn gives me more time to relax in the evenings, I have the food there ready to go that is full of vitamins and minerals; and its so much easier to say no to other food when you know the time you've spent preparing for success! 
Each week I change it up so I don't get board, and I don't find that eating the same lunch 5 days in a row as a bother at all. 
This week I decided to go with chicken and salad with some halloumi too! 

What you see here is:
A base of Spinach, Rocket and Cabbage
Snow Peas

Whilst I was cutting up all the salad doings I had some chicken marinating in honey, soy sauce and pepper and some halloumi soaking in lemon juice. 
After making up all the salads I then cooked up the chicken and the halloumi (in separate pans). 
I then allowed them to cool and sliced them all up. 

Here is the finished product for tomorrow! 
I have cut up all the other chicken pieces and halloumi and wrapped them individually in some cling wrap for each day so that they won't go off or make the salad soggy! 
I have also made some almond cookies from the Whole Pantry App; picture HERE! to have for morning tea and my other snacks for work will be fresh fruit! 
Do you meal prep? If yes what have you made? I love getting new ideas for lunches each week to avoid board-em! 
Here is to a great week ahead! 

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