Friday, 31 October 2014


Hello there, how are you? I know ive not posted in what feels like forever to me. The creative juices have not been flowing and I'm at a bit of a 'what should I do next' thought process in life right now.
That's the thing I love about this space. If I have inspiration to post, ill post more than once a day - sometimes I have none and I don't want to post just for the sake of posting. I'd rather make sure I'm recording things that have meaning to me, things I want to have recorded on this space in the internet.
I'm sure ill be back into post/blog swing soon. When the inspiration strikes you shall know.
But today I had to share these photos I took a week ago in my backyard.
Too pretty not to share.
p.s. my Dad is a total dork.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Tone It Up RETREAT Day 4!

Well hello there and welcome back!
Today I have my final instalment of the Tone It Up Retreat posts. I've almost delayed posting this on purpose because that means it really is over lol I've been re-living it with all these posts and photos! 
So the final day began with a yoga class run by Lacey Calvert, to be honest this was the first yoga class i've ever done feeling slightly 'hungover' - lots of champagne the night before + little to no sleep made downward dog a challenge for me!!! Lol nonetheless I really enjoyed the class - Lacey was wonderful. She has one of those voices that is so calming. 

Hehe my roomie rocking the downward dog much better than me!! 

After yoga it was brunch and time to say goodbye (sob). 

Emily being a babe that she is

Having my TIU photo frame signed by K&K 

It was so wonderful to finally get to not only meet K&K but spend time with them over 4 days - I mean how lucky were we all ladies?! How you see them on their videos is just how they are in real life. The positivity, happiness and fun you feel through their videos is amplified when your around them, honestly it was such an inspiring trip and has given me so much more confidence to chase my dreams and choose to be happy each day. I am so grateful to get to be at the first ever retreat and experience it with so many incredible, inspiring, strong and uplifting woman. WOW. It was a once in a lifetime thing and something I'm never going to forget.

Last selfie with my beautiful Steph - I miss you so much girl! We decided we should get married so I can go and live with her - I'm sure my BF won't mind that at all right?! 

Brynn! This ball of laughter and light was such a GEM to be around. Through the wonders of instagram I already felt like I knew her (that was a common occurrence all weekend and it was so strange lol, seeing people and going oh hey I know you so well...wait a minute we've never met! haha). Getting to finally meet in person tho was priceless. Friends for life I've made. 

After saying goodbye to most people, Hannah, Sarah, Jenny, Emily and I went for lunch at True Food Kitchen - a MUST if you are ever in Newport or Cali! It was so nice, tasty and healthy - win win win! 

And there we have it. Later on this day I packed up my stuff and headed to LAX - which by the way was THE most smoothest, easiest and stress free travel experience i've ever had! If your off to the states anytime soon use Uber for you taxis, they are brilliant! I got from Newport to LAX and then checked my luggage in and got through security in under an hour...... insane! So that was super nice as I had time to walk around, get some dinner, pick up last minute gifts and stroll onto my 16 hour flight stress free! 
Thank you for following along with these posts. I had the most wonderful time and it was full of positivity and happiness so I am now focusing on carrying that through all elements of my day to day life. I am excited to see what my next adventure will hold! 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Tone It Up RETREAT Day 3!

Well hello there! How are you doing today? Good I hope! 
Today I've got my day 3 of the TIU Retreat to share with you all. Lets jump right on in!
So the day started off bright and early with copious amounts of coffee to help with the non existent sleep (hehe) and we were off on a 5km Asics Run! 
We did a loop of 4 around the inlet at the edge of the hotel which finished with Karena and Katrina spraying champagne over us! Why can't every race end with a champagne shower and champagne breakfast?! Best ever! I actually managed to run an ok 5km, 28mins or so which impressed me after all the beautiful cocktails and no sleep I had had! Just goes to show if you set your mind to something, have a positive outlook and just enjoy yourself your body is capable of more than you think! 

We celebrated with champagne and perfect fit pancakes for breakfast in the sunshine! Brynn here being the massive babe that she is! 

Skunk!!! Looking ever so glam with her 5km race badge on 

Chinks with Brian 

After refreshing it was off to my main activity for the day down at Newport Beach - Surfing! 

I am a BIG lover of the ocean and being by the sea, so when picking what activities I wanted to do, surfing was a no brainer. Growing up in Australia it is inevitable that you will have some surfing lessons along the way, which I have and have always loved. I am the biggest fan of workouts that you actually don't even realise your working so hard; which growing up was dancing for me and surfing gives me that same feeling - its too fun to feel hard but boy oh boy its a workout alright!!! 

Can I just never leave?!

I had SO MUCH FUN, seriously the hour and a half we had zipped by so quickly. It was a surf school called Endless Sun Surf School who gave us the lessons, and they were all so great. They explained the ins and outs of surf on the beach and we practiced different ways to get up on the board before heading out into the waves. They were then out there for the entire time, pulling and helping us out and pushing us onto waves. They basically made sure we all caught a wave and had a blast. 
You can see in the photo above Danny has his hand out for me to give him a hi-five ....

And hi-five him I did! Haha so cool! Such a surreal moment for me. I mean, am I actually riding a wave in the sunshine, in California, on a Tone It Up Retreat, surfing with my amazing new friends and just hi-fived my instructor? No surely not! 

I LOVE the ocean so much!!! Catching waves is so addictive! If you've never surfed before I highly recommend it! 

Aurora!!! This beautiful lady is one of the amazing team at TIU Headquarters - she is the babe who is sending us gifts, is in the community, emailing us, sorting out member emails and more! She is SO LOVELY! I absolutely clicked with her right away and had such a great time chatting with her and getting to meet! Its the strangest thing with TIU, because you learn screen names, see still photos and comment and email one another; you just feel like you already know everyone so well. Thats how it felt meeting this beaut! A big highlight for me was getting to know the faces behind TIU and see how much effort and heart they put into their work and lives in general. You really get that family vibe from the company and I really resonate with that so it was so special to see. 

The camera man who was out and about with all of us throughout the retreat 

The AWESOME team from Endless Sun Surf School - seriously the nicest bunch. Thank you for getting me on so many waves and having a good ol laugh and chat with me! Come visit and surf Australia!!! 

I was mentally doing this move in my head every 5 seconds haha

After Surfing I didnt have any other set activities so it was some chill time on the beach and then I headed back to the hotel to re pack my ever growing suitcase and get ready for our final evening together - the gala dinner! 
Everyone jazzed themselves up and let me tell you - 300 TIU girls at one party ..... smoking hotness and fun everywhere you look! Not just in the outfits, make-up and hair-dos but in all the smiles and laughter! 

Babes babes babes at every turn! 

The beautiful set up at the table for our dinner - they really left no detail out! 

We were gifted the group shot of everyone at the Bootycall in these gorgeous little slips 

Looking all whimsical here Hannah! Reminiscing on the amazing weekend we just had? 

K&K handed out some super fun and funny awards - porter potty hottie anyone?! hehe so fun and then they showed us a clip that the film crew had put together of the weekend which summed up all the activities and amazing fun we all had. 


I shared I promise 

Open bar meant two drinks at a time lol 


Kats Mumma after watching the clip that they put together 

Photo booth fun! 

This bella came all the way from Italy!!! 

After dinner we made our way to the dance floor and danced for hours and hours and hours! It was THE BEST FUN! Seriously where else in the world can you be with 300+ of your best girlfriends in a room with amazing music (Nick Cannon DJ-ing) full of love and laughter and fun and no bitchy-ness, no negativity nothing - just everyone wanting to have a blast together - SO RARE! This is what TIU is and it was such an incredible night! 

Aussie Aussie Aussie!!! There was only 4 of us from Australia at the Retreat, and Christy was one of them, and a gem indeed she was! 

Leckrone! Aka 'the details man' lol. Such a lovely fella - thank you for all your hard work! 

Some of the beautiful TIU staff/family - I really enjoyed getting to know them all and having great chats 

Mamma Jane! This is Kat's wonderful Mum who came out and did the Retreat with us! If you follow TIU then you'll have seen her success story. Mumma Jane is truly such a sweet and kind soul, we had a wonderful talk and I seriously felt like she was my Cali Mum! Everytime I saw her I just wanted a hug haha! It was so nice to get to talk and voice all the amazing things that TIU has done for me and what this community means to so much of us. It was pretty awe inspiring for me to see it actually happening as opposed to on my phone! 

THIS GIRL! Ahhhhh Liveliest personality (she even won the award for it!) and just the brightest light - every time I saw her I burst into a big smile and just had to hug her! Such a sweet and wonderful lady - so glad we got to meet! 

Such wonderful women who were so much fun! Dance party again soon??!

Nicole! This babe is Nicole Hill - aka she takes INCREDIBLE photos! She has taken a bunch of K&K for photo-shoots, bikini series and more and took a heap of the weekend too! Such a talented lady and super lovely to talk with as well, plus she carries an amazing camera everywhere she goes - whats not to love!?! 

Nike Cannons Team - really nice down to earth guys 

Stephen! Aka Kat's Brother and TIU workaholic, aka Mr tall man! He is 6ft7! yikes! Towering over me here lol. Really fun fella who was just so chill and easy to chat with - thanks for being so cool Mr tall man! 

And of course, what TIU party doesn't end with K&K in the fountain this time haha! 
Jeremiah (the videographer and really funny chap) is the one in the middle.
I feel like this may have been at around 2am?! Lol TIU girls work hard and play harder! 
Such an unforgettable fun night - I had a blast!   

See you tomorrow for the final TIU Retreat post - meow :(