Sunday, 5 May 2013

Holiday Beauty: go to lips

Hello everyone,
As you have seen from a few of my most recent posts I have been on a holiday.
Whilst trying to pick what to pack makeup wise, I thought I would snap a few picks of what lip products I decided to take.
I think overall I picked a good selection, next time I think I would also throw in a bright coral - Mac Vegas Volt springs to mind.

Revlon Color Burst in True Red: LINK!
Maybelline 235 Warm Me Up: LINK!
Mac Girl About Town: LINK!
Mac Shy Girl: LINK!
Mac Chatterbox: LINK!

The Revlon Red lip was perfect for one of our dressy nights out for dinner, the Maybelline is really that 'my lips but better' colour so it suited the plane trip to a T, Macs bright pink was perfect for nights out, Macs Shy Girl is my holy grail nude colour and suits almost every occasion - I wore it mostly during the day and finally Macs chatterbox is the perfect pink, just the right shade so that it isn’t too overboard.

Overall I was happy with what I picked, I didn’t actually wear them all too much as I was on the beach all day everyday (ahhh the beach), so lip balm with sunscreen in it was much more used than anything! But I think for a non beach holiday, this selection would keep you covered no matter what outfit or situation!
What do you pack lips wise on holidays?

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