Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Adorning in April #9: Wanderlust

Hello there, how are you? 
Today I wanted to write about the evasive wanderlust! 
Defined as ' a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.'
Travelling is something that is a huge passion of mine. I got the 'travel bug' when I was 7 and my parents took my brother and I to America on a 6 week holiday. From that point on I always loved travelling to unknown places. Another quote which I really love and that resides with me is:
'There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered' 
That rings so true to me each and every time I return from a trip, you always learn so much about the places you've been, the culture, the people, the food, the traditions, the architecture, history - all of it! But then its even more interesting to see how learning and seeing all these new things changes yourself for the better too. Eye opener travel is! 
Travel is something that is inside me, I am constantly on the lookout for my next trip, writing down new destinations that I have that pull to go to.
So, today I wanted to do a flashback and show a few pictures I found on my phone recently. I was lucky enough to be able to study in Milan for a stint during my university degree and of course that meant going travelling to other places throughout Italy once I finished up in Milan. 
One of the places that I was in most awe of was the Isle of Capri, it honestly seemed like I was on another planet, in another place entirely. To see how this tiny island full of beauty operated, meet some of the locals, see the bluest ice water and have incredible views over the Tyrrhenian Sea back to Sorrento and Naples makes it one place that has been etched into my memory so vividly! It is most defiantly on my bucket list of places to return to (is that something you find you do as well? I have a bucket list of places yet to see and a bucket list of places I want to return to see again!) 
Anywho, enough rambles I hope you like these quick few pictures, let me know if you like this kind of post and ill dig up some more pictures of places I've been and my favourite photographs from them!

Have a great evening, I'll speak to you tomorrow!

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