Saturday, 12 April 2014

Adorning in April #12: My go to Lifestyle Websites

Hi everyone, welcome back!
Today I wanted to share with you my go to websites online. Seeing as I am consistently online, blogging everyday and am an avid online shopper I wanted to share with you my top favourite websites that if I've got an hour free I will go onto each of these for a little browse around. So sit back and enjoy and let me know if you frequent any of these sites as well. Oh and most defiantly let me know which sites you can't not go to online so I can check them out too! 

Lifestyle Sites:
Tone It Up

This is a no brainer, I am on this site daily. Tone It Up has changed my life completely ~ I am even headed to California to work out with there ladies at the TIU Retreat (cannot contain my excitement on that! Honestly!) If your reading this going 'huh? Whats Tone It Up? Then read THIS POST to learn all about it! 
In line with this site is the community site as well which I use daily also. 
It's the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep yourself accountable with thousands of other motivating and inspiring women!
Tone It Up Website: LINK!
Tone It Up Community Website: LINK!

Move Nourish Believe 

This website is full of motivation, tips and tricks, healthy recipes and interviews with inspiring women. Created by Lorna Jane this is something I'll go onto and read through each week, normally whilst having a meal. Its a great site if your feeling a bit flat, need some inspiration or want to look at bright and happy pictures! 


This site is my go to blog reading place. It is where you can create an account, select all the blogs you like to read (they even offer you recommendations based on the blogs you are already following) and they compile all new blog posts into a feed for you so that each time you log in you can see the new posts from everyone and go through and read them all off the feed or select the specific blog you want to catch up on from the side bar. I love this site and read it a few times a week. You can easily see if a blog can be followed by looking through their side bar to see if they have this symbol:
If you want to follow my blog on this site click HERE!

Ahhh YouTube, I am a YouTube addict. I honestly watch it over TV daily. Again like Bloglovin you can create an account and 'subscribe' to channels so that each time you log in it also has a feed that pulls up all new videos from the accounts you are subscribed to. I have certain channels that I watch everyday; and I watch videos from topics like daily vlogs about peoples lives, beauty videos showing you make-up looks, 'hauls' (which I swear is a YouTube word) of people showing you items they recent purchased, workout videos that you can follow along to, motivational speakers; the list is endless! I actually also have a YouTube channel that I occasionally upload to so if your interested in that click HERE!

I think i'll leave it at that for today, these are my top lifestyle websites; if your interested I'll do another post on my top online shopping sites because I do have a few of them lol.
I hope your having a great morning/day/night wherever you may be! 
That would be cool actually if you comment where your from, what your up to and the time of day! 

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