Monday, 7 April 2014

Adorning in April #7: Lorna Jane Reward

Happy Monday to you all! Who is ready for another amazing week?
Even though I often have weeks where nothing in particular happens and its just my usual type of week, I always try to make sure I am enjoying each part of the day so I can look back and be able to say 'yes I am consistently happy' I know that if I don't feel like I can say that then I need to look into each part of my life to find what needs to change!
Anyway that's completely off topic! This post is all about my newest addition to my workout wardrobe 
(yes that's a thing).
Last month I used my beloved Lorna Jane Diary and completed the March Ab Challenge. And it was certainly a challenge! It ended on the 31st with 85 leg lifts, 90 sit ups and a 2min 30sec plank! Ouch! I actually was lucky enough to convince my bf to do it with me which made it 100% easier having someone next to me who was feeling the pain too! (a good pain though). At the start of the month when I asked him if he really would do it with me I went through the challenge page and put squares next to each day for us both so we could tick them off each day as we did them (anyone else find a huge sense of achievement in doing this?) I also thought it would be good to give us a reward if we managed to do each and every day. The reward was $50 each to spend out on a date night.
So we managed to complete the challenge (whoop woo!) and I don't think it should be any shock as to what I chose to purchase....Lorna Jane of course!  
I got myself another sports bra, because honestly I find them to be the very best. I have a pink once which I have owned for over 6 years now and it is still in perfect condition! Plus if you are not graced to have a larger chest *cough cough* then the padding within these bras is put to two great uses; 1: it is supportive and 2: it makes you appear to not have a flat chest lol. Win!
Mass amounts of pictures below - I also only realized right at the end of taking pics that I hadn't actually ticked that we had completed the challenge haha - I did right at the end though! 

I love the smaller details that are put into each LJ piece, like this inspirational tag and the mini heart below which graces every piece somewhere! 

Ahhh nothing quite like that sense of achievement within a tick! 

This sports bra cost $66 and can be found HERE!
I am aware that this is quite pricey for such a small item, as is most LJ items however I truly believe they are worth their weight in gold! Workout clothes that help to motivate me, make workouts fun, make me excited to get dressed in them at 5.45am and feel fashionable are most defiantly worth it! Plus the quality in each piece is just brilliant, I have many items that I've had for years and years and they are still in the same condition as the day I bought them. So whilst it may seem steep at the time of purchase, by the time you workout cost per wear I think you'll find yourself in profit haha, at least that's what I tell myself.  
How do you reward your achievements? Shopping addict like me or something else like a massage or getting your nails done? Let me know!
Oh and my bf's reward of choice was a bunch of DVDs for us to watch lol! 
Have a great day

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