Monday, 15 September 2014

THIS WEEK: Favorite Workout

 Hello! Today I wanted to share with you my current favourite workout!
As you all are probably well aware of by now I follow Tone It Up, and dun dun dun I am actually headed off to LA at the end of this week (golly gosh) to go on the TIU Retreat!
Craaaazy! I am going to be meeting Karena and Katrina after workout out with them almost daily for two years haha!

Tone It Up: The Best Ab Workout Routine
Anyway my current favourite workout is one of theirs of course. I am obsessed with working out my abs - anyone else? Its the once muscle group you can work daily and don't need to give it a break like most of your other muscle groups - so in the lead up to the Retreat I have been doing this workout daily along with my other toning and cardio exercises.
My stomach is also probably the one spot on my body that I am really aware of and growing up it was what I was most self conscious about, so working it out a lot helps with my confidence!
Bikini Abs!

This workout burns! But in the best way possible. I love all the moves, they are fun but work like nothing else! Give it a go and let me know how you feel after!


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