Monday, 8 September 2014

My Thoughts on Blah

The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation.  But your thoughts about it.  #changeyourthoughts 
You know those days where your just 'blah' The ones where your sleepy, tired, cranky, grumpy, lack luster, and just not feeling like yourself?
Yeah I know them, I think everyone has them from time to time.
A lot of the time they are for a reason, you had a tough work day, you snapped at your partner, your sick of the same old day in day out, you don't feel excited, your stressed. Sometimes though they are for no reason at all, or not one you can pin point.
I have some tips on dealing with moments or days like this that have helped me along the way.

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1: Accept it!
Sounds wired but as soon as I can identify that yes I'm a little grumpy and sleepy today, or I'm stressed that I'm not saving enough or I am actually upset about that comment made to me yesterday; you'll feel a bit better. Being able to acknowledge your feelings is so empowering. As soon as I can say 'you know what, I am really tired today and that's making me grumpy' I am able to better deal with it as I've identified the problem.
I know that it's hard to fight this fight, because I'm fighting it, too. But believe me, it'll get better. Hang in there. <3
2: It's OK!
Know that it is ok to not feel amazing and full of energy and super bubbly every second of everyday. If you've had a rough week or a tough day or not enough sleep and you don't feel wonderful, there is nothing wrong with that! Too often I think people try so hard to avoid any feelings that are deemed negative and try so hard to ignore them and be happy and then just end up feeling more upset when nothing changes! I say feel the emotion to the fullest. Your sad? That's ok! Be sad, acknowledge it, think about it and know why your sad. Accept the emotion and you'll be more aware of all of your emotions and that much more grateful for those incredible moments in life where you feel on top of the world. I actually have found since I began to just accept how I feel each day and be ok with myself I tend to have way more positive happy days then not!

Stars can't shine without darkness
3: Don't Dwell.
This may sound opposite to what I just said, but don't dwell in a slump of grump! As soon as I can accept that I do feel angry or upset and know that its ok, I then find it easier to pull myself out of that slump. I dunno why but as soon as I allow myself to be upset I see the good in so many things and usually by the end of the day I feel fine! Or once I can identify the issue I am better able to deal with it. I once went and heard the Dali Lama speak and one thing that really stuck with me that he said was: If you have something that is worrying you or bothering you or making you stressed; you can ask yourself one question:
Can I do anything about this?
If the answer is yes then there is no need to worry!
If the answer is no then there is no need to worry!
Once I think about things in this simple way I am instantly pulled out of my slump because I either know what I need to do to change it, or I know I cant change it so I can accept it!
 Learn to let go
4: Do Something For You:
It helps so much when I know I'm upset, down or having a rough day that I have something planned to make me feel better. Normally for me that means getting a workout in, outside with some fresh air - sweat can perform amazing things you know! You get an instant endorphin high from a workout, so I try to make sure to get something in to lift my mood - works 100% of the time! Other things you can try is giving yourself an hour of 'you time' once your home to help re-set you into a good mind frame so you can enjoy your evening. I love taking a bath, watching YouTube, reading and doing yoga in this time.
And the sun is shining nice and bright today here at Zeck Ford! Come enjoy this lovely weather with us! #ZeckFord
So there we have it, a slightly random post from me today, but what better a day to post it than on a Monday! Make today count! Use it as a fresh start to a new week full of potential to be exactly how you want it to be! I personally LOVE Mondays for this reason - lets all change the Monday perception of being no fun and flip it and make it a great one!
Lots of love

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