Friday, 12 September 2014

A Winter Family Ritual

Hello and welcome back!
I know in Aus were heading into Spring now, so this post is a little throwback for you all but its something I wanted to share anyway, as I like having things like this documented for myself too. For all you US ladies (and lads if your reading this!) this may be the perfect thing to plan for your upcoming Fall/Winter time! 

Ever since I was a tiny tot, we have been having Fondue Family Nights. We have an open fire, so we light that up, eat cheese fondue with fresh bread and veggies, sit in front of the fire, roast marshmallows and spend the evening together as a family chatting away. I LOVE IT!
It is something that I look forward to each winter, some years we do it more often than others, but each year we make sure to have at least ONE Fondue Family Night.
Its brilliant.
This year was no different, the very last weekend of Winter we realised we needed to have one! 

Mum was a gem and found this amazing chia bread - score! 

Veggies galore! 

My new phone case by Kate Spade - Love it! You can actually purchase this from the Apple store if your in Aus - I had been searching online for months for it and low and behold it was in the shop!

These little guys are key to getting the fire blazing!

And so it begins!

We had one lot of the fondue cheese mix in the bread and one lot in the pot - YUM! Such a treat! 

I think one of my favorite things about these nights is that we all sit down and talk for HOURS about all kinds of things. Its nice every once in awhile to sit and chat, not just talk about day to day stuff but discuss topics and learn about each other that little bit more. The above pic is my BF Chris mid story.

So many photos here of the flames, but there is just something about sitting staring at flames that I absolutely love!

And there we have it, a family tradition which I love!
If your heading into the cooler months why not create a family night? Its a great way to connect and have fun! And the same can be said for Summer, I am already planning a family bbq with grilled Prawns (yum!) for Summer!

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