Friday, 19 September 2014

LA Day One 18th

Hello! Welcome to day 1 of my trip to LA! 
I'm not sure how quickly i'll be getting these up as the trip continues and gets busier, hut I'm going to try my best!!! 
So I left Australia Thursday mid morning, flew from Canberra to Sydney then from Sydney to LA. It was a 14hr flight and I managed to sleep for 8 hours! Can I get a whoop whoop!!! lol avoiding jet lag is a big thing for me, I hate wasting time sleeping in the day when I can be out exploring. 
I took sleeping tablets and they zonked me right out and I managed to feel comfy whilst sleeping which is just pure gold on an aeroplane seat! I did however wake feeling horribly quesy and with fat feet! Haha, sleeping and not getting up often enough was the cause of that but its all good, they are back to normal now and being able to walk and stand got rid of that sick feeling. 
So I arrived, spent over 2 hours getting through customs, got a taxi straight to the hotel and they were able to check me in early - score! I put my things down, freshened up a bit and took off again to get some fresh air and sunshine to acclimatise to LA, so come along with my in the photos below to see and hear about my day!  

A grocery store I walked past had a mass amount of pumpkins outside! Novelty to me as we don't do Halloween in Aus.

Down at the Marina Del Rey - the water was just sparkling! 

Palm Trees!!! You know your in LA when.... hehe these trees are so huge and so pretty, be warned I like to photograph them! 

Venice Beach 

I walked from my Hotel down to Venice Beach and all the way along the boardwalk to Santa Monica - 7km! I think I ended up walking about 9km today - when I travel I love to just walk everywhere to explore and discover the place i'm in, but wow I forgot how achy my legs get! 

Along the boardwalk there are so many cute houses - this was out the front of a funky pink one!

Tourist shops galore - I am thankful I have grown out of that stage of wanting all of those types of items! 

Santa Monica Pier

I loved that all along the beach there is so many free activities you can use - like this giant jungle gym! Swings and bars and monkey bars for days! 

I then headed up to Third Street Promenade where I knew there would be some shopping to be had! 

Ahhhhh Sephora.... I may have spent quite awhile in here! I also had a Opera Chia Tea Latte in Starbucks - yum! 

I browsed the shops, made a few purchases and then got a cab back to the hotel as it was past sunset! 
I hope you enjoyed day one - fingers crossed I can make sure to get day 2 up tomorrow!!! 

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