Sunday, 21 September 2014

LA Day Two 19th

Hello and welcome to day 2 in LA! 
Today was the Universal Studios day, aka being a kid again! 

Blurry pic but this is us on the bus out to Universal 

We had a long bus ride to get there but it was ok because they took us all over, it was like a tour guided bus in a way which was cool, got to see LA Ink, the Chinese Theatre, Hollywood sign, Roosevelt Hotel and all the stars on the Hollywood walk of fame.

We were SO excited to arrive! 

We met Baxter from Anchorman!

Despicable Me land was so cool! 

The guy in the purple was giving me a raspberry at this moment! 

Heading onto the Despicable me ride - it was a stimulator ride - SO FUN! Felt so real too! 

James met his idol haha

The Jurassic Park ride!!!! I rode this was I was 8 with my Dad and James was too chicken to do it then so we made sure to do it this time! Funny thing was that James wasn't scared and I totally freaked out! You drop 84 feet into water!!!!! 

We went on the Studio Tour which was cool, got to see some behind the scenes and they were filming  the Mindy Project whilst we were there! 

We then saw the Water Show which was full of stunts and acts - really cool! 

We also went on the Transformers ride, the mummy ride, the Simpsons ride and then the Transformers ride again!
Long trip back to the hotel, LA traffic aint no joke! But SUCH a good day, it was just so fun! If your ever headed to LA I would 100% recommend Universal - we had a blast! And the park isn't too huge so a day is totally enough time to see everything and go on all the rides which was great as we feel we didn't miss out on anything! 

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