Wednesday, 6 August 2014

THIS WEEK: Top 5 Eats

Why hello there, welcome to a THIS WEEK post; where funnily enough i'll be posting something random for this week (great concept right?)
Anywho this week I wanted to share with you my at the moment top 5 favourite food items. I am one of those people who goes through phases of obsessions with certain foods and consume them as much as humanly possible until I either get sick of it or move onto the next obsession. I went through a phase as a kid of being addicted to butter menthols - cant stand the thought of eating them now as I overdid it! Here is hoping I don't do that again with any of my favourite foods!
#1 Pepita Seeds
I am just loving these little fellas at the moment. Small, green, crunchy - perfect addition to my granola, top of smoothies, in salads, on top of half an avocado as a snack - the list just goes on and on! Give them a go if you've never tried them before, something about the crunch of it is entirely satisfying, and the fact that they are green pleases me oddly.

#2 Granola
I'm more than sure I don't need to harp on about this one too much, if you've read THIS POST then you get it (are you addicted yet??)

#3 Almond Flakes
Ahhh almond flakes, there is just something about them being cut this way that I really like, I prefer this style of almond over whole or chopped - the thin-ness and crunch... so good! I have been having a handful mixed in with my all time fav breakfast (recipe HERE), or roasting some to top salads with, and of course they are a big feature in the Granola and I may stand in the kitchen picking them out to munch on! #obsessed

#4 Tahini Dressing
Lately I have been trying to spruse up meals with interesting salad dressings - you make a good dressing you can make the entire meal that much better in my opinion! A new favourite of mine that I go to a few times a week is incorporating Tahini!
oh merrrr this is so TASTY! It is also boyfriend approved which is a sure sign its good right? This dressing is so perfect with fish and salad - try it on your next meal I dare ya!
Recipe: Tablespoon of Tahini Paste
Juice from half a lemon
Juice from half a lime
Dash of soy sauce
Put it all into a jar and shake it up and top on salads or fish!

#5 Hazelnut Cocoa Spread
Oh me oh my.... as a nutella addict this may be my most favourite find this year.... yes!
Nutella is all full of sugar and has no nutritional value so I try to avoid it, so when browsing in the health food in Coles I spotted this and nearly did a dance right then and there as I scanned the jar.
But it only has hazelnuts and cacao and its organic..... I mean!!?!!
This is the ultimate treat for me, I am obsessed! I have it spread over quiona brown rice crackers and sometimes I just have a spoonful (my favourite way to eat it), it also tastes amazing put into a protein smoothie with banana!

So there we have it, 5 of my favourite food items right now, here is hoping I don't overeat any of them so that it turns me off.... highly doubt it!

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