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#30daysofmeditation Challenge

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Today I wanted to share with you a challenge I am currently doing with a few of my Tone It Up gals and to invite you to join in as well!
So if you've been reading this blog for awhile then you know that I have been on a health and fitness journey for almost two years now. This has come from joining Tone It Up, following Lorna Jane's Move Nourish Believe philosophy and overall just deciding I wanted a better quality of life!
If you want to read some of those posts to see where I am coming from then click on any of the links below
(they will open up in a new window for you - I hate when websites don't do that, don't you?!)

Inspiring #quotes and #affirmations by Calm Down Now, an empowering mobile app for overcoming anxiety. For iOS: For Android:

Ok so now onto this challenge! Myself, Sue and Karin (my Tone It Up accountability buddies, #tiusisters, SOS's = sister of support, friends and overall amazing ladies) were chatting the other day and it came up that we wanted to try meditation and see what all the fuss is about with calming your mind, not thinking 1000s thoughts all at once and even just to see if its something we could master! So we came up with the plan to do #30daysofmeditation whereby the only rules are:
1: Meditate everyday for at least 5 minutes for 30 days
Simple hey!  

10 Minutes a Day by joannagoddard: 'Daily meditation-like thought can shift brain activity toward "positive emotional states...that make us more likely to engage the world rather than to withdraw from it."' #Meditation

I recently have joined up to a local yoga studio (an entire other post on that will come up soon I'm sure) and I have started seeing the benefits that can come from yoga (aka I can now touch my toes....say whaaa?!?!).
With my healthy lifestyle I have focused on cardio and toning and it finally clicked that yoga was the final piece to the healthy body puzzle for me! It not only has made my fitness in these other areas better, but its given me a better connection to myself, what makes me happy and what is truly important in life.
In my yoga classes we start with meditation and end with meditation and wowie, this is the first time I think I've actually 'gotten it' and was able to let my mind be still

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Now hands up if you love sleep? (both my arms are raised right now) For me, meditation gives me the same effect an amazing nights sleep does. You know that feeling when your in the 'sweet spot' with all the blankets wrapped around you, warm and cosy and juuuuust about to fall asleep? Yeah that's the feeling meditation can give you!

Mindfulness+Meditation+Quotes | Meditation Quote 18

Other than the instant feel good feeling you can get from meditation, there is actually so many health benefits from it too. This image I found below sums it all up perfectly!

Check out the free meditation classes held at the Zone every week from 10-10:30am. If you can't make it, here are some great tips to be more mindful.

Amazing hey, reading that was enough of a motivator for me to give it a go, I'm excited to see how i'll feel after 30days and to see if I can tell any changes mentally and physically - I am hoping to be able to get to the stage where I can use meditation wherever I am as a way to deal with stress. I would also love to be able to really feel I am in the 'zone' with meditation - not just sitting there going 'I'm thinking, I'm thinking, its not working I keep thinking!'
Relax your jaw. Straighten your back. Relax your shoulders. Three deep breaths. Mediate for one minute. Namaste!

I wanted to also share with you all some of the meditation apps, websites and videos myself, Karin and Sue have been using - its fun to try out new ones and learn what works best for you. Here are a bunch that we've used so far (ps they are all FREE!)

Calm - LINK!
Breathe - LINK!
Omvana - LINK!

Lorna Jane & Melissa Ambrosini - LINK! & LINK!
The Five Minute Miracle - LINK!

If you decide to join in on this #30daysofmeditation please leave in the comments other apps, sites, ways of mediating that works for you! I'd love to try as many as I can and that way we can all share the ones we like and what works best for you!

i love the layer of blankets, and the mirror above the bedframe; it makes the room look bigger. so cute :)

So what do you think? Have I convinced you to give it a go? Try and mediate everyday and see what happens? Let me know if you are going to join in with us, and make sure to hash tag on Instagram #30daysofmeditation if you do!

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