Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Goodness Me Box

Hello there, welcome back to Adorn Beauty!
Today I wanted to share with you a subscription box that is available in Australia that is aimed at healthy eating (raises fists and cheers loudly). 
Subscription boxes are something that is rather popular overseas and is slowly making its way to our shores in terms of beauty boxes, but there isn't too much about (at least not here in Aus) for healthy eating. This is where Goodness Me Box comes in, it's a once a month subscription box that is sent to your home or office filled with health food! Mostly snacks style but some cooking ingredients too this box is full of goodies! 
When I found out about it I immediately signed up and paid for my first box which was $25, filled out a questionnaire all about what I like to eat, if I have allergies, what healthy eating means to me etc and then a month later I received at my work the August box! 
I wanted to share with you all everything that came in the box (which is a lot!) so beware, this is a photo heavy post! 

So as you can see, for $25 you are receiving well over that amount. I am so happy with this box and am excited to see what the next box will hold. There is something that I love about receiving health food that is a surprise to open and see what you've gotten. I love it when I recognise a health brand that I've had before because I know I like it and I also love it when there are items I've never heard of before because its fun to experiment with new foods, learn about new health benefits and discover new obsessions! 
So far my favourite item in the August box was the Brookfarm Porrij, it was so tasty and nutty and perfect size for a breakfast! 
If your interesting in signing up to receive a box too CLICK HERE!
Let me know if you sign up and we can swap recipes! 

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