Saturday, 16 August 2014

Being Sick: Tips!

Hello there and welcome back!

Sorry for the lack of posts - I've been quite sick with a flu / cold / infection this past week. 
Sickness is NEVER fun and I for one suck at being sick! I always get so frustrated, upset at myself for not being able to fight it off, annoyed that I'm letting my work down by not being able to work and overall just very unhappy with the debacle! 

I'm sure this blog post title sounds a little odd, tips for being sick? umm no thank you! But I thought this post may be of help to others who, like me get really upset not only with being sick but also at yourself when your sick and could use a few tips to make the whole ordeal better for your mind, body and soul.

Tip 1: REST! 

Golly gosh this is a BIG one, we live in a society that is constantly on the go, open 24/7 and the thought of stopping for even a minute seems ridiculous! Please if you take anything from this post, if you feel yourself getting sick or unwell - STOP and REST! It is the absolute best thing you can do for your body in the short and long run. I use to be a person who would ignore sickness, decide that I was too busy to be sick and continue on with my busy lifestyle. I then got Glandular Fever which really stopped me in my tracks and forced me to rest. I now unfortunately get sick really easily as my immune system is so low from that (which is a key factor to why I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle to stop the sickness as much as possible). 
I know it can be really hard sometimes to stop and listen to your body and to give it just what it needs, but if its asking for rest you've got to listen! You'll get better quicker, take that breather to stop and really re-set yourself and you avoid making anyone else sick as well. No one wants to be that person who infected the entire office for months!


Such an important thing to always make sure you are hydrated and drinking plenty of water, but its even more important when you are sick! Staying hydrated is key to a speedy recovery but something that I for one do not like to do when sick. Water never tastes nice when you already have that horrid taste in your mouth and its something that I never use to have when I'm sick. Now i've realised how critical it is I try to have as much fluids as possible but not always in the way of plain water. Here are a few of my favourite drinks from this week!
1: Coconut Water - perfect to stay hydrated and has a much better taste than plain water when sick
2: Tea! - Regular tea, camomile tea, green tea, herbal tea are all great to have; especially when you have a sore throat
3: Fresh juice - I've been having a lot of THIS BRANDS juices this week and they have been great; yummy flavours, no added nasties and tasty! 
4: Hot water with lemon, honey and ginger - fresh and full of nutrients and the warmth again is really nice on the throat and chest


Ahhhh positive thinking can sometimes be the last thing you want to do when your sick and just feel so terrible so all you want to do is have a pity party! 
The last time I was sick I was overseas in London and I found a new way of dealing with it so that it didn't hinder on my time away. When I first started getting sick I thought I had hay fever so it didn't bother me because in my head I was thinking 'oh I've only got hay fever its not a problem I won't let it bother me whilst I enjoy myself' It then turned into an infection that required antibiotics but I kept the same mind frame about it and decided to think 'my body is just sick at the moment but it doesn't need to effect how I am emotionally, I can still be happy and enjoy the sights' 
This actually really helped, being able to separate how I felt physically to emotionally was a bit of an 'ah ha!' moment for me. There will be times when you feel horrid with a cold or flu and you can allow it to make you feel unhappy and sad and grumpy to; or you can maintain a positive outlook, know you will get better, stay thankful and make the entire ordeal a lot better in the long run!


I've been sick for 7 days now and am still not top notch. This has meant i've spent the entire week in bed which after so many naps and sneezes can get a tad dull. A few of my favourite things to entertain myself (of course if your up to it - no one wants to read when they have a head cold!). 
1 - YouTube - oh my gosh am I obsessed with YouTube or what? It is what has given me hours of entertainment this week and super easy to just zone out to on the laptop whilst lying down. 
2 - Pinterest - Ahhhh to pin hours away and daydream about future projects, travels and outfits, almost makes you forget you don't feel well! 
3 - Reading - I love to read so its quite easy to lie in bed reading my kindle. If your not sure what to read my all time favourite book is 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult, its SO good and will make time pass super quick because you won't want to put this down!
4 - Movies - always a good idea, and when I'm sick I tend to prefer lighthearted funny films, one I watched this week was The Other Women, very funny! 

Tip 5: BEAUTY!

If your feeling up to it there are a few beauty type things I do that help me feel so much better!
1: Shower! All my life no matter what if I say to my Dad oh I don't feel well, I have a headache, I'm sad or tired or annoyed his first suggestion hands down every time is 'you should have a shower that will make you feel a bit better' 
Funnily enough it does work. You always feel that bit refreshed after a nice hot shower. You get to get the grimy 'sick' feeling off yourself! 
2: Hair & face mask: If i'm feeling up to it I will throw in a hair mask and pop on a face mask before I have a shower. Easy way to tick off some of those beauty tasks when you know you've got the time. It also helps with that refreshed not so sick feeling once your out of the shower with clean hair and smooth skin! 

So there we have it, some of my tips on being sick and how to deal. If your sick I hope you feel better soon - follow these tips and you will!!!! 

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