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A Healthy Mindframe on - CHEATS - TREATS - REWARDS -

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Today I wanted to share with you my thought process on a healthy way of thinking about a few different things.
Slightly random and odd I know but this is something that has really helped me in terms of having a healthy frame of mind when it comes to living a balanced life. As I mentioned in a previous post (HEALTHY LIVING) I truly believe that to have a healthy body it all starts within. This includes the way you think about things, most importantly the way you think about yourself and the relationship you have with eating healthy and exercise.
So today I want to talk about the three words above. I think they are all extremely different, and the way you think about each one should be positive and effect your healthy living in a good way. When I first stared thinking about this (whilst I was running - see told you I get into wired thought processes when I run alone haha) because I think so many people in the 'fit' world mix the meanings behind each of these up (in terms of health and fitness).
Ultimate Surfer Workout With Monica Nelson
Cheat - what does that mean exactly? To cheat yourself out of something? To do something that seems wrong? To maybe do something or get to a certain point in a way that isn't the most honest? This is what comes to mind for me.
The interwebs defines cheat as: act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage. So why would you decide to use this word to describe a meal to yourself? Why do people say they have 'cheat meals' or 'cheat days' - I honestly think that this way of thinking is destructive when it comes to eating healthy and working out. If you truly want to be fit and healthy and happy why would you 'cheat' on that? Shouldn't it be about living a wholesome, balanced life. You don't have 'cheat days' where you allow yourself to be rude to everyone you interact with do you? That sounds crazy doesn't it?! That's how I view the whole 'cheat meal' thing. I don't think it is helpful for your frame of mind to view food like that whatsoever!
Treat - what do you think of when you think treat? Something your getting that is special? Something that doesn't happen often? Treat is defined as:
an event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure. Doesn't that seem like a much better way to view having a meal that you maybe don't eat every single day? 


Sink or Swim~ Episode 4 of #TonedUp on Bravo. Getting the perfect shots for Beach Babe 2!!
Reward - ahhh to reward yourself, reward for an achievement. Defined as: a thing given in recognition of service, effort, or achievement. A perfect thing to do to recognise the effort you are making in turning your life into a long, happy and healthy one. Rewards are something that I believe is vital in ensuring to continue with healthy living. It is something I do often for goals I set myself; like running 5km without stopping, entering my first 5km race, running 10km without stopping, performing a month long abs challenge and so on.
However, I don't think that food should be connected to achievements when it comes to workouts. If you do an amazing run and feel incredible after and then reward yourself with doughnuts or chocolate or pizza your then going to associate exercise with not so great eating, or every time you do an awesome workout you'll immediately think of food! Rewards should be things you gift yourself to say 'hey well done, your making goals and then reaching them' 

My favourite reward is always always fitness gear! Its like fuelling a fire haha! The more goals I set and conquer, the more workout clothes I have, the more I then feel motivated to workout, the more goals I set myself..... its a never ending cycle that keeps me motivated, healthy and happy! 

Lorna Jane clothing is by far my favourite reward - which you can find HERE but you can always reward yourself with other things; a bubble bath, a facial or massage, painting your nails, an afternoon of no jobs or tasks, a weekend away .... the options are endless! 

A view of the Lorna Jane store.



I think you should treat yourself when you feel like it, not because of anything to do with fitness. I think you should reward yourself with NON food things whenever you reach a fitness goal you've set for yourself and I don't think you should EVER cheat on your mind or body.
Getting these three words sorted into specific meanings for myself has helped me a great deal in how I view food, healthy eating and happy living. May seem simple or basic, but the way you allow yourself to view things essentially defines you.
What are you thoughts on this, I'd love to know!
Have a great day!

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