Friday, 9 May 2014

Catch Up Photos

Hello there, how are you? How have you been?
As we are in a world of constant technology being available I find that I am always snapping away at my day (by snapping I mean taking photos...I don't go around clicking my fingers at everything!) And so as my iPhone folder fills there is just too many things in a day that I capture to place anywhere (I somehow don't think I should post 10+ Instagram pictures daily... do you?) So every now and then I'm going to throw a few up on the blog and give a little explanation on what they are and why I snapped them .... be prepared for mostly food, food and food. I have a thing with wanting needing to photograph everything I eat...I feel in 10 years there will be a study on this and it will be considered a disease of sorts!
Top L-R
1: A dessert of Rhubarb, Greek Yoghurt and Honey made by my Dad - so tasty!
2: My reaction to running my fastest 5km....saaa wha?! P.S. the headphones I'm wearing are $8 from Kmart and they rock my socks off! Well actually they stay on...which is why I love them!
3: Skyping with my bestest friend / soulmate ... I am not too sure as to why we were doing this but it gave us the giggles!
4: My newest obsession, Kombucha! IT IS SO YUM! Its a bubbly drink which is made bubbly by the fermented bacteria and yeast + tea... sounds so wired but its just oh so good!

1: One of my most favourite things is going out for coffee - skim cap to be precise
2: Spending time with my favourite person
3: Cuddles with this kitty
4: Green smoothie in my owl pjs - simple things bring me so much enjoyment

1: The flags of the world down at my favourite spot
2: this quote gave me quite a good giggle
3: Another flavour of my obsession ... its alive and real I tell ya!
4: My newest Pinterest board for the Bikini Series, if your Pinterest obsessed like me head HERE to check it out!

1&2: Last but not least here are a few panorama shots of my favourite place to be - running around the lake. Never gets old for me!

And there we have it, how did you enjoy this? Interested in seeing photos from my phone every now and then? If you love photography as I do - find me on Instagram @sarahalicetiu
Hope your having a great week!


  1. wow that pudding looks amazing! and your cat is so cute! id love it if youd comment back! xx

    1. Thank you so much! You blog is beautiful!

  2. Following on Pinterest :) I have bursts of addiction! How fast did you run the 5k?? xxx
    La Lingua : Food, Life, Love, Travel, Friends, Italy

    1. Thank you! I ran the 5km in 28mins!!! Loving all your recent posts too btw! :)


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