Saturday, 3 May 2014

L'Paige Aloe Vera Lipstick

Hello there, how are you?
Today I wanted to share with you my new favourite Lipstick.
It is by the brand L'Paige and the colour I have is #21 Electric Fuchsia.
The special thing about this lipstick is that the key ingredient is Aloe Vera and Beeswax, making it really moisturising, long lasting and good for your skin!
Something that I wasn't aware of was that there is a lot of lead, aluminium, tin and petroleum in Lipsticks ... which when you think about it your actually eating off some of your lipstick during the day, kinda a creepy thought right? I am not one to read the ingredients list on my makeup and look up what all the 17 letter words actually are; I tend to go with a
'if it doesn't break me out, make my skin oily and it looks ok, then a-ok'
My Mum was actually the one to find this Lipstick brand at a store in Western Australia and she found them online so I purchased a few for her Birthday and picked one up for myself to see how I found it. I am obsessed with Aloe Vera, I drink the stuff, I use it on the daily in summer so I thought hey having it in lipstick form could be another addiction for me too! I also sadly have very dry lips so I need creamy lipstick formulas to avoid that whole colour clinging to dry bits, horrible look that can come with some lipsticks.
It is safe to say I am in love with this lipstick! It has such good pigmentation, is a unique colour in itself (I don't own anything quite like it), it is creamy in texture and lasts for AGES! It slowly wears off in a way that by the time you feel the need to re-apply it just looks like you have a light tint on, it doesn't fade off in blotches or anything like that.
Most defiantly will be looking into getting a few more of these, I love that they are so pigmented and made up of products that are not going to do any damage to you!

L'Paige Website: HERE!
Direct link to this Lipstick: HERE!

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