Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Travel: A few last minute items

Is it just me or do you find yourself having a list as long as your arm of things you need to buy BEFORE an overseas trip!?
Hi there, welcome back to my dot on the inter webz! Today I wanted to show you a few quick snaps of some last minute things I grabbed the other day for my next adventure. Truthfully I probably didn't totally did really require these...but I'm all about making travel as easy as possible so you can better enjoy the wanderlust experience and not be bothering with 'where the heck did I put my iPhone charger?!' scramble as your getting onto the Metro or whilst standing in front of a magnificent view!
I was at the shops on the weekend in the attempt to get in get out quick smart (never works that way for girls does it? Darn gruen transfer occurring!
(which is by the way one of my favourite marketing terms; the definition being - Gruen Transfer: 'In a shopping-mall design, the Gruen transfer is the moment when consumers enter a shopping mall and when surrounded by an intentionally confusing layout, lose track of their original intentions' Like when you go to get milk and come out with three pairs of new jeans....yeah that lol).
Anywho, I was walking to my car ready to go I promise and I was dragged into Typo...again totally not my fault! They have so many knick knacks that I just love puroozing through there (stationary addict right here). I found two items I thought would be well suited to come with me on my adventure and they were just too cute not to share!

Wanderlust Diary (only in stores but they have a bunch of cute ones online): LINK!
Pencil Case: LINK!

So a pencil case you say, Sarah do you plan on carrying around a bunch on pens or something? Well nope I don't, I am planning to use this as my cord bag. As we live in this world on not being able to last a day without some form of technology, be it phone or laptop or camera I have figured I am going to be requiring +5 different chargers! Having a set case for them all where they can live in a neat tied up fashion is going to suit me and my suitcase immensely! I am all about creating more space in that tiny suitcase to fill with the wonders I find whist away! (aka clothes) 

This notebook was just too perfect to not buy, even if I had no use for it; it was coming home with me! I actually did have a purpose for it. I use the Lorna Jane diary for my day to day planning and what not but it is just a tad too big/heavy and bulky for me to want to take away so I'm going to use this one to log my workouts, jot down flight times and anything else that tickles my fancy!

So they are some of the last minute buys I'm picking up - I leave in a few days so I would love to hear what your last minute flight/travel essentials are, my list is slowly but surly shortening; here's hoping I have nothing left on it by the time I step onto the plane!

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  1. Very clever idea with the cord bag! I always end up with a horrid tangle of wires in my suitcase! xxx
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