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Overseas Trip: Packing List

Been traveling since 9 months old. Ima travel girl forever
Well hello there, how are you today?
I have a slightly different post today than usual as I am about to be off on an overseas holiday so I wanted to share with you some travel themed posts, with the first one to kick it off being a packing list!
I feel like one of the hardest things when going overseas is knowing what to take with you, which is why I am sharing absolutely everything that I will be taking with me, so that if you are anything like me you will now have the ultimate packing list to use for your next holiday!
This packing list is targeting a 2-3 week holiday, in middle season weather
(think winter/spring or autumn/summer).  
 Personally the easiest way for me to sort out what I want to take is to split it up into each bag I'll be taking, such as my suitcase and carry on bag; then dividing everything into categories such as casual, dressy, clear zip bag (for the plane), fitness, technology and so on!

I have created a PDF packing list for you so that if this looks like something of use to you, you can click on the link below to be taken to my generic list, which is everything I'm taking just not in as much detail so you can add your specifics (as in I've listed Jeans instead of the Zara Khaki Jeans that ill be taking).
Let me know if you like it! I'm planning to have this PDF as my go to for most trips, and I added the Misc section so if your going on a summer holiday for example you can add in all your beach needs!
Below I've explained a few of the items ill be taking and why.
Keep in mind I am a shopaholic so I do intend to buy some clothing overseas!

Outfit to wear on the Plane

I like to decide exactly what I'll wear on the plane journey as I want to be sure I'm comfortable! 13+ hours in a seat you need to make sure your happy in what your wearing!
Asics Runners - I tend to go for a sporty outfit for the plane out of comfort and so that I can wear my bulky shoes to give my suitcase some room!
Scarf - a must for travel in my opinion; you can cover yourself completely when you sleep, use it as a blanket and its dresses up almost any outfit

Neck Pillow - one of the only ways I can get sleep on a plane!

Slip on booties - to put on when going to sleep to help create that 'night time routine'

Camera Bag - I got a beautiful camera bag that doesn't look like a camera bag
(which is just what I wanted) from Etsy - HERE!
Protein Bars/Apples - I am big on bringing healthy snacks, I hate the feeling airplane food can often give you as your sitting for hours your body doesn't actually require too much food, light things like fruit is best for me

Water bottle (empty) - to then have filled up on the plane to ensure your drinking lots, staying hydrated is key to avoiding jet lag!

Tea Bags - I like camomile tea to help me get to sleep

Himalayan Salt - great to sprinkle over your food to ensure your absorbing your water

Vitamin E Spray - the BEST thing to spray throughout the flight to keep your skin hydrated!

Face Mask - as soon as i get onboard a long flight, I take off all my makeup with makeup wipes, then apply a clear face mask. This really helps to keep the skin hydrated and acts as a shield to keep your skin soft. Then at the end of the flight after spraying my face with the Vitamin E throughout I just use another makeup wipe and re-apply some makeup. 

Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop - I love using a lip butter for a pop of bright colour on the lips and it can also double up as a cream cheek stain blush! 
Black heels - if you have a perfect pair of heels that you know you can walk in and be comfortable in, TAKE THEM! Nothing worse than getting to a place and buying new shoes and have horrible blisters and cuts on your feet (an experience I had walking through Times Square - ouch!) 

Food - I will also pack in my suitcase some extra food items such as:
Protein Bars - to throw into my bag when out exploring a city as a back up for that moment you get hangry and the only food available is $20 snack bars because your opposite the Eiffel Tower
Perfect Fit Protein sachets - perfect to add into hot drinks or smoothies for that extra boost to fill you up
Super greens powder - great first thing in the morning with some water to get your daily vitamins and minerals and give you an energy kick to get going! 
And there we have it! What do you think? I hope this can be of use to someone at some point, where is your next destination going to be? I am forever dreaming of travelling, whats the top of your Wanderlust list at the moment?
Speak soon!

All images taken from Pinterest 

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