Thursday, 22 May 2014

Travel: My Must have Snacks

Hi there everyone! I am currently sitting at the international airport waiting to check in my suitcase to head overseas! Another post that I wanted to share with you all before I head off is what I have as my must have travel snacks for on the flights and also for whilst on holidays.
First up, what I pack in my suitcase to have whilst overseas!

Protein Bars: I have here some Luna and Quest Protein Bars which are just the best on the go snack when you are starving!! They are so tasty and super filling so I plan on throwing one into my bag when I'm out sightseeing for the day so that I have an option of something to eat when I am super tired and hungry and not wanting to spend a fourtune on a small and probably un-healthy snack!

Perfect fit protein: LINK! I am already an avid adder of protein to help to fill me up and keep my muscles toned, so having these on the go sachets are perfect! I plan to add these to coffee, smoothies or if I end up cooking at all throwing them in there too!

Essential Greens Powder: LINK! This is the perfect thing to add to smoothies or just to have in water first thing in the morning as it is filled with so many vitamins and minerals! I just decanted some into a smaller container to take away with me and I intend to have a teaspoon of it each morning with some water to get me going for the day! 

On Board Snacks!

Here are the things that I have in my carry on bag to have during my flight. Ive got some apples and ended up having the banana right before I left as it has a pretty strong scent so i didn't want my bag becoming a banana bag! I also have a few of my protein bars too! 

This is Himalayan salt and I am going to sprinkle this onto my food if I eat any of the plane food, along with also adding a little sprinkle to my water bottle. It is said that Himalayan Salt helps to stop you becoming de-hydrated which is often the case on long distance flights. 

Gastrolyte: LINK! Now it may seem strange that I'm taking these but they are perfect to keep you hydrated! I am someone who suffers from migraines and I've found these to be very helpful for me, so as staying hydrated is so important when travelling on long haul, especially for your skin so I plan to have a bottle of water with two of these in it! 

Raw Organic Chocolate: LINK! Ahhhh sweet sweet chocolate, this is for me to have instead of having sweets offered on the flight, so I still get that yummy treat but I'm not filling myself up with something that doesn't serve my body in the best way! 
Too see some of these items on my iHerb page along with a coupon code for $10 off your first order! - HERE!
So there we have it, what do you think? What food would you take on an overseas holiday? 

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