Wednesday, 1 October 2014

LA Day Six 23rd

Hi everyone!
Photo heavy post today (sorry!!!) but I wanted to share them all because I got to go to DisneyLand!!!! 
Yew, this wasn't a planned part of my trip but golly gosh it was SO much fun!

So a little back story - Kailey (pictured above and below) is one of my very first Tone It Up friends. She lived in Sydney for awhile and we met through Instagram and just clicked immediately. We started chatting lots so we swapped numbers, then we started msging almost daily and just have so much in common! We actually never got to meet whilst she was in Aus (booooo) so when I realised I would be coming out here to California we made sure to plan to finally meet!

And meet we did! We starting chatting away the second we saw each other and I don't think we stopped the entire time! She was a gem and came and stayed at my hotel and then what a better thing to do with your #tiubestie than go to Disneyland! Kailey is a GIANT Disney fan, this gal has a season pass! So I was more than happy and overly excited to have her show me this magical place! 

As Halloween is coming up in the states the entire park was decked out in decorations - very cool to see, especially seeing as we don't celebrate it! 

Dreamland! Honestly such a wonderful place! 
OOTD: Dress - Brandy Melville 
Jacket - Forever 21
Bracelet - Lorna Jane 
Bag - Etsy

All of the rides were incredible and so much fun - fast and slow! I think my two favourites though were the roller coaster and the tower of terror! I did also love the Toy Story one, actually I just loved them all! 
If you are headed to DisneyLand - I would highly recommend getting the ticket that allows you access to both of the parks - SO worth it for a full day there! 

After we spent the day here, Kailey was kind enough to drop me at my new hotel for the Tone It Up Retreat! Eiiip! And look at the amazing sky line I got to witness upon arrival - wow

I then met my roomie for the next two nights - Hannah who you will be seeing in my TIU Retreat photos (coming up!) and being the TIU girls that we are our first destination together was none other than Whole Foods - ahhhhhhh (clouds parting, angles singing).
This place is AMAZING! Seriously I was in a dreamland. I loved it! Everything was healthy, there was hundreds of options, things I've never heard of before, and entire salad bar section....ahhh it was so good! 

Be prepared - TIU Retreat photos are coming up.... there is a lot of them!!! 

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