Monday, 13 October 2014

Tone It Up RETREAT Day 4!

Well hello there and welcome back!
Today I have my final instalment of the Tone It Up Retreat posts. I've almost delayed posting this on purpose because that means it really is over lol I've been re-living it with all these posts and photos! 
So the final day began with a yoga class run by Lacey Calvert, to be honest this was the first yoga class i've ever done feeling slightly 'hungover' - lots of champagne the night before + little to no sleep made downward dog a challenge for me!!! Lol nonetheless I really enjoyed the class - Lacey was wonderful. She has one of those voices that is so calming. 

Hehe my roomie rocking the downward dog much better than me!! 

After yoga it was brunch and time to say goodbye (sob). 

Emily being a babe that she is

Having my TIU photo frame signed by K&K 

It was so wonderful to finally get to not only meet K&K but spend time with them over 4 days - I mean how lucky were we all ladies?! How you see them on their videos is just how they are in real life. The positivity, happiness and fun you feel through their videos is amplified when your around them, honestly it was such an inspiring trip and has given me so much more confidence to chase my dreams and choose to be happy each day. I am so grateful to get to be at the first ever retreat and experience it with so many incredible, inspiring, strong and uplifting woman. WOW. It was a once in a lifetime thing and something I'm never going to forget.

Last selfie with my beautiful Steph - I miss you so much girl! We decided we should get married so I can go and live with her - I'm sure my BF won't mind that at all right?! 

Brynn! This ball of laughter and light was such a GEM to be around. Through the wonders of instagram I already felt like I knew her (that was a common occurrence all weekend and it was so strange lol, seeing people and going oh hey I know you so well...wait a minute we've never met! haha). Getting to finally meet in person tho was priceless. Friends for life I've made. 

After saying goodbye to most people, Hannah, Sarah, Jenny, Emily and I went for lunch at True Food Kitchen - a MUST if you are ever in Newport or Cali! It was so nice, tasty and healthy - win win win! 

And there we have it. Later on this day I packed up my stuff and headed to LAX - which by the way was THE most smoothest, easiest and stress free travel experience i've ever had! If your off to the states anytime soon use Uber for you taxis, they are brilliant! I got from Newport to LAX and then checked my luggage in and got through security in under an hour...... insane! So that was super nice as I had time to walk around, get some dinner, pick up last minute gifts and stroll onto my 16 hour flight stress free! 
Thank you for following along with these posts. I had the most wonderful time and it was full of positivity and happiness so I am now focusing on carrying that through all elements of my day to day life. I am excited to see what my next adventure will hold! 

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  1. Love! If you have any more good photos of K&K and I, will you please email them and to me?


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