Sunday, 5 October 2014

Tone It Up RETREAT Day 1!

Hello and welcome back! Dun dun dun here is my Day 1 of the Tone It Up Retreat!
WARNING! There is a LOT of photos!!!! I wanted to put all of my photos up for a few reasons. 1, I want to have another place for them all to have as backup, 2; I wanted all the girls who were at the retreat have a place to be able to grab and save the photos from my high res camera easily and 3, 
i wanted to make sure everyone who wasn't there felt like they were through viewing my pics!
So .... lets go! 

First thing on day 1 = bootycall! Hannah and I went for a speed walk, interval workout at Balboa Island which was BEAUTIFUL! I seriously loved it here so much, getting to see the sun rise too was just so amazing. Feeling so grateful! 

It was then time for some pool time. Hannah and I clicked immediately when we both realised we love being in the sun! 

It was then time to go and register for the Retreat and get our SWAG bags! 

Biggest selfie ever with Katrina! 

I got to meet Skunk! Such a cute little fluff ball - she seriously looked like she was constantly smiling! Karena was a gem too! @hiimskunk 

This was so tasty so I had to take a snap of it! 

Meeting Emily and Jenny for the first time. I follow both these ladies on Instagram and it is so strange meeting people who I feel like I already know for the first time, firstly they are moving and not just an image on my screen and secondly you kind of skip that whole polite conversation thing because you already feel like you know each other so well! So we all clicked straight away and I am MISSING YOU GIRLS SO MUCH! 
@tiu_emmygbaby @tiu_jenny_love23 

AMAZEBALLS..... this was all the stuff we were gifted.... i mean! WOW! It was like 15 Christmas's had come at once! 

Back to the pool for the day with all the TIU girls arriving and heading down! 


The first event was a welcome cocktail party and dinner by the pool! 


These two ladies - Ash and Ariana were so beautiful - inside and out! 
@ashbrooke_tiu @fitgirlmechanic 

My Retreat Roomie Chrissy! She was such a sweet and fun gal, I had so much fun rooming with her, we just got along so well so easily and roomed together really well - our routines matched up perfectly lol so thanks beautiful!!! 

Wearing: Mura Boutique - LINK!

L-R: Emily, Jenny, Me, Hannah, Chrissy & Sarah @tiusteele - LOVED these ladies! 

Ohmy the meals were all just spot on perfect. So tasty, so healthy and so filling. I loved absolutely every meal I had during the entire retreat. I am confused as to why I can't have this kind of food prepared for me daily..... too much to ask??! 

Brynn! This beach babe is from Cali and is SO NICE and SO FUNNY! Our senses of humour totally get one another so we clicked immediately; although to be honest I already knew I would love this lady to pieces due to our chats on Instagram lol @brynn_eliz 

Loved meeting this babe! Tori is just how I thought she would be from what I knew following on Instagram - sweet and caring and gorgeous!  

Brain, Katrina's Hubs was such a sweet guy - I loved getting to know everyone better and chat with you all! 

Hahahha Kat's face !!!! 

There was a photo booth at the party which printed out photos for you - I love these shots so much!
Something happens when you travel alone with an open mind, you meet people and connect with them so quickly. This was only the first night we all got to hang out and honestly I felt closer to them all from that point than I do with some people I interact with almost daily! This is the incredible thing about Tone It Up, it connects you to other woman who just want to be happy and support one another so a lot of that *bullshiz* is just skipped and the really honest to goodness true friendships are formed almost instantly. Knowing most of these ladies on some level through Instagram made it even easier and quicker for us all to feel like besties and it is honestly such an amazing thing. I am SO GRATEFUL for TIU and the fact that is has brought me all these incredible connections! 
Phew ok, day one done! Get ready for more blabbing from me about how amazing this all was and i'll see you back here tomorrow!!! 


  1. Wow, looks like such an amazing experience :) beautiful pictures of the skies too! I'm glad you had such a lovely time xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua Italy


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