Monday, 6 October 2014

Tone It Up RETREAT Day 2!

Hi beach babes! 
Who is ready for photo diary craziness day 2! This was the first FULL day of the retreat and it did not disappoint! Here we go!!!!

It was up nice and early for some amazing breakfast food and then down to the dunes to do our Bootycall with K&K! There was this beautiful fog when we got down there that was so pretty with the palm trees - can you tell I am obsessed with the palm trees much? 

Look at that sea of colourful, motivated and happy women! 

Group photo after an amazing workout! It was so much fun and really tough! Was a HIIT workout style that was timed to some really awesome music! 

At the end of the workout, Karena led us through a cool down and had us all lie on our backs in the sand and link up pinkies with the girls beside us. They then read us something that made everyone cry! It was a moment i'll never forget and was truly so special to be there with all these incredible women. K&K put into words how we all felt and it sent shivers down my spine - and made me bawl! Very very special moment of the Retreat thats for sure. 

After the BC it was time for my first activity which was Stand Up Paddle boarding! 
This was so much fun. All of the activities were run by Oakley Ambassadors so you actually got a full on lesson along with doing the activity which I really liked. 

SUP was a lot of fun, I love just getting to be on the water in the sunshine! It wasn't as hard as I initially though it would be, having said that we were in an inlet so it wasn't wavy or anything. It was more of a core and arm workout than balance for me. 

Next up was a quick lunch by the water which was SO yum! Tones of different salads with turkey wraps... mmm mmm. 

Then it was a quick change and off to go biking with my babe Emily! 
We were given an entire lesson on the correct way to get on and off a bike, how to start riding on it, gear changes and road rules. 

It was such a beautiful spot to go riding, I really enjoyed it! I got to ride along with our teacher for the day for a bit - who is the head of USA Marketing for Giant which was really fun. Thats something I loved about this retreat, you can go up to anyone and start having truly interesting conversations; the whole polite 'hello how are you? Good thanks and you?' stuff is forgotten and really fun and deep conversations just occur immediately. Very cool indeed. 

After biking it was off to Hike! We got onto a shuttle and were taken up to ze mountains to go on a 5km hike with beautiful views of the ocean. Mind blowing! 

Again on this hike I got to have an awesome conversation with AJ, one of the Oakley Ambassadors. You really click with all these people immediately and get to have the best chats whilst doing the most amazing activities! Thanks AJ, I loved meeting and getting to know you - you better come to AUS soon! 

After the hike it was back to the hotel to shower, refresh and get ready for the beach dinner ... yes dinner on the beach! 

This is where our private beach dinner was held.... I mean! It looked like a wedding, it was all just set up perfectly! 

Watching the sunset with 300+ beautiful new friends and such an amazing happy vibe was by far an incredible highlight - see that heart out there?! Yep thats representing TIU 




We ate more TIU Approved tasty food for dinner and desert, drink TIU cocktails and chatted away until it was time for the musical guests of the evening. 

First up was Brian! Aka Katrina's Husband! This was a huge surprise, I don't think any of us had a clue that Brain could sing! He had never performed for more than 5 people so this was massive!! And sing he could indeed! No doubt footage will come out with everyone's performances and I hope they showcase Brain because he is one talented man. I really enjoyed getting to listen to him perform and was blown away at how well he did - big props to you Brian! 

Next up was Kelly James! If you are a TIU girl then you will know of him for sure, he sings Summertime on my Mind which the TIU girls are in the music video for and used for a past Bikini Series. 
He sang that song of course and a bunch of others and was amazing! He also did two impromptu on the spot songs which was just insane! He sang a song about Bootycall & Cats and one about Share Love Inspire Sweat. It was crazy how good he was at improv! These two performances may have been the highlight of the trip for me to be honest - they were just so good and it really hit home at how lucky we all were to be at this retreat and how these events don't ever really happen! Once in a lifetime night thats for sure! 

The girls pouring out wine whilst Kelly James performed, as you do! 

I got to chat with Kelly James and his beautiful wife Renee - they were both just so chilled and down to earth and friendly; it was so nice to get to talk with them! 
After that is was a dance party on the bus back to the hotel and conking out late late late! 
I had the most amazing day full of pinch me moments! 
Stay tuned for tomorrow; day 3! 

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