Thursday, 2 October 2014

LA Day Seven / 24th

Hi all! Welcome back to my wonderful little vortex of holiday posts! 
Today was the first day at the TIU Retreat Hotel! The Retreat doesn't start until tomorrow but I chose to spend two days there ahead of time, rooming with Hannah! (who I LOVE! - my Canadian babe)

We started off our day being the good little TIU gals that we are and did our Bootycall! This was my first time EVER workout out with a fellow TIU girl and can I just say i LOVED it! We went to the hotel gym, did bikini abs in the middle of the room on my iPhone lol which made the people who were there for a conference give us odd looks; then we hit up the treadmill and the elliptical! 
We then had our breakfast on our balcony looking at the gorgeous view and eating our whole foods TIU approved breaky 

After breakfast we got ready for the day and headed to the mall to meet up with Jennifer - a fellow TIU gal who I connected with over Instagram and just had to meet! And what a better place to meet than at Lorna Jane! I'm sure your all aware of my obsession with LJ so I had to show these girls! The staff were absolutely lovely and we all had a great time in the store, I think I created two new addicts - yewww! 

We then went for lunch at a lovely restaurant and all had an open chickpea burger with a quiona and kale salad - YUM! 

It was so wonderful to get to meet Jen and spend some time with her. I honestly felt like I was her life long friend and as soon as we met and hugged it was like I knew her forever and we just almost slipped into conversation! Thank you Jennifer for being such a wonderful lady and for taking time out of your day to come and meet up with us - I loved every minute of it! Getting to talk TIU to TIU girls is such fun!!! 

Hannah and I then spent most of the afternoon by the pool...... we totally get each other lol. We both love coffee and laying out, perfect pairing!! 

That evening we had a pre TIU Retreat dinner with all the girls that had arrived thus far at Lemonade - an amazing healthy restaurant that had a really cool concept for ordering! You went to the counter and it was cafeteria style where you push your tray along selecting items you wanted from the staff. Maybe this felt like a novelty to me because it was all health food! 

The bella that is Steph - another incredible woman I was lucky enough to finally meet in person and connect with instantly. Steph got my sense of humour from the get go so we were instant buddies! 

We then got a selfie with a guy who worked there who was just so dang cute! He stood on a chair to take a group photo of us all! 
Thats it for today - tomorrow marks the first day of the Retreat! GAH! 

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  1. You are such an amazing writer and an even more amazing person! I love reading your new posts! :) love you


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