Friday, 25 July 2014

Current Obsession: GRANOLA

 You guys, I have an addiction ...
I cannot for the life of me stop making and eating granola.
This is the first week in I'd say around 5 weeks that I haven't made granola and I am currently experiencing withdrawal symptoms and pondering making granola tonight at 9pm....that's totally normal right?
Anyway I am thanking my lucky stars that granola can be considered a health food, although in the copious amounts I'm eating it at I'm not too sure haha! In all serious-ness I highly recommend you make some granola ASAP! It is the perfect breakfast food to mix with fruit and greek yoghurt, I eat it for morning tea with fruit, I sprinkle some on top of my smoothies and smoothie bowls, I make a cocoa one and have it for dessert with strawberries .... the options are endless. I may even stand at the kitchen cupboard and eat a few spoonful's!!! (shhh don't tell!)  
The two recipes I've been bouncing back and forth and making hybrids of is the I Quit Sugar Coconutty Granola and the Lorna Jane NOURISH Granola. Equally obsessed with both.
The IQS Granola is actually available for free online so I say make it immediately, fall in love with it, purchase the Lorna Jane NOURISH Cookbook and make hers, then continue to make both forever and on.
And then perhaps come join me in the 'Granola addiction club' you'll like it there...we serve granola.
Here is the link to the IQS Granola: HERE!
And here is the link to the Lorna Jane NOURISH cookbook (it has an abundance of other amazing recipes too btw): HERE!
Let me know once you've passed over to the dark side

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