Tuesday, 29 July 2014

FOOD: Bill's Cafe Covent Garden

Well hello there, how are you today?
I wanted to start doing a few new themed posts, some titled THIS WEEK with what's been on my mind for the week, what I've been loving, what I'm obsessing over etc and then FOOD posts with reviews on places I eat out, favourite recipes, meal prep and all good things like that - what do you think? Too late, I'm doing it anyway! tehehe
So first up on this new FOOD series is a review on a place I ate whilst staying in London, Bill's Café in Covent Garden.
Bill's is a funky café / restaurant style place with a grocery store feel to it as all the walls are lined with produce. A cool thing you can do is they actually give you a grocery list when you sit down and you can tick off things on the list you'd like - they then collect the items whilst you eat and add the cost to your bill and give you the packed bag on the way out! Neat huh? I wish my weekly grocery shop was laid out like that!  
There are actually Bill's cafes located all over England I believe, but I loved this one as it is tucked away in a courtyard so you can escape the hustle and bustle of the busy streets around Covent Garden.

Now onto the food! (drools). We ordered fried haloumi with herbs for a starter to share with a aioli dip - ermagawsh it was so yum 
 Mum ordered the spinach, avocado and sundried tomato salad - she really enjoyed it. Tip though, she did order the starter size and thought after that the main size would have been better.
I had the grilled chicken skewers with cous cous, pitta bread and a tzatziki sauce. I really enjoyed this meal, it was full of flavours that complemented one another, was the perfect size for a main meal for me and left me feeling satisfied and not uncomfortable. 4/5 for me!    

Dad went with the burger - something I think is a classic at this restaurant, he really enjoyed it and said the chips were spot on! 

Here is the business card for you with some details on where you can find it.
If your in the area I would recommend it for sure, I'm just sad I didn't get to go there for a breakfast, the menu looked just as good as the dinner one!
Have a great day!

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