Monday, 14 July 2014

The Day I Got To Feel Like A Princess

Welcome to the day I got to feel like a princess. Legit.
As an incredibly special treat for my birthday, my amazing parents gifted me to High Tea at the Ritz in London. I know right, amaze!
Myself, Mum, Dad and my bestie Torz all headed out for an afternoon of piano playing, tea drinking, champagne sipping, miniature cake eating and attempted 'posh' talking at the Ritz; which is such a beautiful hotel.
I'll let the photo's do the talking as they explain how lovely it was, the beautiful room we were in and the amazing tasty treats we had!

Amazing China tea cup and saucer 

My people (heart swells) 

The delicious sandwiches and treats  

Those flowers - oh! That background - wow! 

Perhaps my favourite item on the day - scones with jam and cream, it was mouth watering! 

As a surprise I was given a cake as well! Incredible! What made it even better was that everyone at the high tea having a birthday had a cake brought out for them and the piano man played happy birthday, but mine wasn't brought out - I didn't know about it at this stage. Mum then discreetly asked a waiter about it and I ended up having my own personal birthday song played and cake brought out! Lol it was so much fun, and at the end of the high tea our waiter gave Dad the bill and said 'Sir I took the liberty of taking the charge of the cake off the bill. One should not need reminding at the Ritz and I apologise.' Service or what?! The cake was SO YUMMY! It was full of mango and strawberries - fresh, with cream and sponge cake......I am drooling for another piece now!

5 star luxury right there - it is such a majestic and old worldly place

My parents, best friends, travel buddies and more! I am SO THANKFUL to have the family I do and the friendship that I have with my parents. It is so special and means the world to me.
If your ever in London and feel like a real big treat, I 100% recommend the High Tea at the Ritz, its a perfect way to experience a special side to London - and of course have some proper English tea!

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