Thursday, 13 March 2014

Sydney Opera House

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Today's post is a little mini photo-shoot of the Opera House in Sydney. I went on a little getaway with my Mum and we actually went to an Opera (which was amazing, the way they use their voices and project them is mind boggling to me!) and whilst there we had a wander and I snapped some shots of the external fa├žade using my DSLR Camera. I am starting to get back into Photography in a big way this year so snapping shots of things I find interesting is turning into a big hobby of mine. I am currently taking a Photography course and enjoy learning more about my camera and overall knowledge of photography so I decided to share that here on my blog with you!
Interesting fact about the Opera House: My Grandfather actually designed the very first model of the Opera House to see if it was even possible to build - pretty cool!
All these images are direct off my camera, settings were changed within the camera to create different lighting effects. 

What do you think? Constructive criticism is always welcome! I'm thinking I may print one off and frame it - which would you print off if you had to pick one? I cant choose!

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