Monday, 31 March 2014

Fiasco Italian

Hello lovely lot!
Today I have a restaurant recommendation for anyone who is in Sydney; Fiasco Modern Italian.
Like the name suggests this is an Italian Restaurant located in Manly. I went with my Mum during my last visit. It was the first night and we had arrived fairly late to our hotel so we thought we would duck out and find something quick as we were starving! We just happened upon this restaurant and as we are both utterly obsessed with Italian food we walked straight in!
With a glass of prosecco wine and a pizza to share we were two happy campers! The pizza was just amazing, so much so that on our second day I said to Mum during the day 'would it horrible to say I want to go back to Fiasco tonight?' to which Mums response was 'that's exactly what I was thinking!'
So we returned for the second night in a row and had the same pizza again, but this time one each! Yes they are that good! Made fresh with the thinnest base, freshest toppings and tasty wine what's not to love!?
So I highly recommend you try out Fiasco if you ever happen to find yourself hungry in Manly, here is a link to their website - HERE! 
I know where I'll be heading next time I'm in Sydney, enjoy the pictures!

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