Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Autumn / Winter 2014 Fashion Board

Sigh! The first of March officially marked Autumn as the new season here in Australia. Goodbye summer, I love you. 
I am a summer lover 100% through and through so knowing that I am entering into Autumn and Winter is tough on my emotions and the ability to feel my nose and hands lessens ever so slightly. 
Enter Pinterest, sweet sweet Pinterest. I have cleaned up my page, created myself an Autumn / Winter Inspiration board and have been pinning away to my hearts content for the past week to ease me into the cooler months. 
Below are a few of my favorite looks / trends / outfits that I am going to be wearing this Autumn / Winter, let me know your favorite look! 

Fall outfit!!

Lovely black ladies boots, legging with stunning leather jacket

Love this ensemble, especially the neutral colours. Dying over the brown leather gloves, so classy, so feminine, need me some of those!

fall outfit ideas | STREET STYLE: FALL FASHION photo Ashlee Holmes' photos - Buzznet

Nude and denim

:: chic in denim ::

#beanies #fashion #outfit #style

Fur vest - Fall Outfit

Fall Fashion: Long sleeve t-shirt under leather jacket with boots

Black & Black. Layers. Autumn. Cozy. Slim. Beauty. Dark. Neon Bag. Hermes. Fancy. Street. Classy. Material. Leather. High Heels. Boots. Clean. Simple. Fashion. Woman. Clothing.

fall fashion, love the top half, maybe some skinny jeans instead of the leggings

stripes. tortoise chain. fall #mystyle

Lovely fall fashion with scarf, jacket, denim jeans and laceup boots

Black sweater, brown shorts, brown ankle boots, brown bag and hat

Women fashion

I love this oversized sweater.

Anorak Jacket + Chambray Shirt + Messenger Bag = Shopping Look

So what do you think? Love the looks? Would you wear them? Do you own many of these items? 
After pinning whatever caught my eye I can clearly see some trends in items in this bunch. I now have a shopping list consisting of:
Anorak Jacket
Breton Stripe top
Slouchy Knitwear
Tan Knee Length Boots
This will set me up nicely for the coming season and inject some staples into my wardrobe. Know of any places I should shop in that offer any of my shopping list?
Whats on your shopping list for the next season your entering into? I know my US and UK friends are eagerly anticipating Spring to arrive - whats the biggest trend your excited to try / wear / own?
If you want to check out my Pinterest Page and see what else I'm pinning away, head HERE! Feel free to follow me and let me know so I can check out your page too, I know I'm not the only one wasting away hours scrolling and pinning! 
Until next time, xoxo

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