Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Photo Diary: A Day In Canberra

Hello there, how are you today?
A few weekends ago I spent a Saturday out and about in the town I live in, Canberra, Australia. It was actually the weekend celebrating Canberra, so there were a lot of events happening!
First thing we did (aka me and the fella) was wake up at stupid o'clock to get up and see the balloons by the lake. There is an annual balloon festival here where a tone of balloons all take off together by the lakes edge and a few more interesting balloon designs take off too!  

This one probably being the weirdest, meet Sky Whale ... hmmmmm.

Best thing about being up at 6am? The sunrise fo sure!



Up ... and away!

After having a looksee at the balloons we headed to another part of the lake to have a breakfast BBQ. This is something I LOVE to do, but rarely think of actually doing!

mmmm mmmm, our yummy breakfast; egg and bacon roll

The National Carillon 

In the evening we headed out with my boyfriends family to Skyfire. Skyfire is an another annual event where they put on a fireworks display over the lake to celebrate Canberra. I don't think I've ever missed a year! 

The fireworks show

And there we have it, a day spent out and about. 
What sort of events does your town hold? Any you always attend? 
Until next time!


  1. Looking at these photos makes me feel like I've already been to Aus when I haven't. Really really want to go! Getting up first thing is the best, it's so exciting and then you get to have a long lazy nap later :) xxx
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    1. Thank you lovely! Im glad it makes you feel like you've visited! xoxo ps. I totally had a nap that afternoon haha!


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