Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Factor 50

Welcome back, and can I just say I am rather chuffed at myself for posting ever week for the past month or so - big high five to you if you've read every post.
That makes you a part of Adorn Beauty, which makes me happy so thank you!
Today I wanted to share a new product I've been using that gosh darn it I never thought I would really focus too much on.

Good ol skin care in its most basic format, sunscreen.
For pretty much all my life I have not paid too much attention to sunscreen, sure being an Aussie kid meant you had to lather it on and have that great white sheen to your entire body at the beach, thanks parents, but other than that I never really gave it much thought.
Fast forward to me being a teenager who dreamt of living by the ocean, wearing a different bikini every day and rejoicing in the fact that I was graced with skin that 'caught the sun' as the English say (Dads work on the skin there, Mum is a burner - thanks Dad!).
So I was the girl at summer camp who wore SPF 4 (I am not even kidding), and I wouldn't even bother to put anything on my face (cue me on a flight after said summer camp with swollen burnt lips).
However now I am starting to see there is a slight error in my ways, mostly in the fact that I've realised I don't want to look like this one day:

Not ideal. I have also moved to Brisbane, or what Australian's refer to as The Sunshine State. I think its this with a realisation that I'm not going to get new fresh skin anytime soon that I started looking into wearing sunscreen on a daily basis.
Thats where the Mecca Cosmetica Sunscreen in 50+ comes in. This beauty is actually new to the scene, they have had the 30+ version for a few years now, one that they worked on the formula for over 5 years on to get just right and this newest version is no different. It took them 4 years to develop this one, because as you can imagine trying to get in a higher SPF count but not create a grease face is a tough thing to do! However I am happy to say that they have done it and passed with flying colours. 
I have been wearing this on my face everyday as a primer / moisturiser prior to putting on my foundation and it is working a treat. It has a slight pink tint to it but rubs in easy and isn't greasy or thick whatsoever. Having the moisturiser in there too is brilliant, I get to combine skincare steps which the lazy girl in me rejoices in! 
The other wonderful thing about this is the smell! It smells SO good, it actually reminds me of this incredible olive oil moisturiser that I purchased from an olive oil farm in Italy that I cannot purchase online (sob sob), so the fact that this smell brings me right back to sun kissed days in Italy pleases me immensely.
I have noticed that later on in the day my face is a bit more shiny that prior to using, but as I have oily skin this is not a surprise. I am just finding I pop on some Rimmel Stay Matt Pressed Powder in the afternoon which stops any greasy look for me. 
So on a scale of 1 to 10 in recommending I would go with an 9 as it working wonders for me, smells incredible and I am rather chuffed that I have upped my sun care game!
Do you use sunscreen daily? If so do you love what your using? Let me know, this is a whole new world for me to explore! 

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