Monday, 31 August 2015


Hello there, welcome back. Today I wanted to share with you my first Fabletics order!
Fabletics if you've not heard is Kate Hudson's athletic brand that now ships to Australia (yippee!).
I had previously been sent two pairs of tights from her range by my lovely friend Hannah before it was available here and I fell in love, so when the offer came up in my email to score an entire outfit for $25 I was intrigued. 

Basically it is a monthly subscription but for active clothing, where you commit to paying $50 a month and get to pick an outfit a month (this is in US dollars mind you, more on that in a bit). 
You can choose to skip a month if you like and not pay anything, or if you forget and 
don't pick out something they give you a credit to spend when you wish to.
I like this idea mucho as I am often getting fitness gear as a motivator or reward for working out, I like that I can choose which months I want to pay for it too!
So I ordered an entire outfit for $57 dollars, thats the three pieces your seeing in this post. If you want to see me showing them in a video click HERE!

Overall I am so happy with the items, the quality is there and there are so many options to pick from the website. 
I am in love with the berry tights, they are that beautiful thick fabric, almost a double layer which really holds everything in place and they don't budge! The top is a fun one, perfect for layering a bright sports bra under and the sports bra itself I love the higher neck and longer shape, something that I can see myself wearing on its own in summer out running in the heat. 
Also good to note, I ordered this on the 6th of August and it arrived on the 14th! Amazingly fast shipping from the US!

Be aware of the prices would be my only caution to this brand, it is all displayed in US dollars even though your on the Aussie site for them. I didn't actually find out how much I paid until I checked my bank account because it never converts it anywhere on the site for you, not even during the payment. It told me I was paying $40 for everything including the shipping but it was actually $57 in the end. Still I am super happy with three fitness pieces at $19 each, but its something to be wary of - especially if you think your landing an amazing bargain and go crazy! (We've all been there).

As you can see the items worked a treat for me to play around in some yoga poses on the beach! I love being able to wear active wear that is fashionable and cute for just being out and about for the day, so I can stop drop and workout wherever pleases me hehe! 
Have you ordered anything from Fabletics? If yes tell me what you got....I may have another order for next month to shop for!

Click HERE if you want to check out the site and allow me to gain points if you go ahead and splurge! 

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