Monday, 10 August 2015

Sunday Riley Luna Night Oil

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Today I wanted to share with you one of my newest skincare buys, Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil.

The story behind this purchase is rather funny so I shall share (it also emulates my scary purchasing behaviour).
I had read about this serum from a few blog posts and seen a few comments within YouTube videos of people saying they liked it. Cue me going onto Mecca Cosmetica to find that it is online for purchase (tends to be a rarity being in Aus watching people from overseas comment on products). I then try to purchase but it tells me it is sold out online and not available in any stores near me.
I continually check online, still no luck. I then email them to be put onto a waitlist and they respond advising I should put my name down in a store and that they will also call me when it is back online if I like, I liked very much.
So off I went to put my name down on the wait list to hear that this product is sold out worldwide, this further enhances my want for it. Whilst at Mecca I accidently purchase the hourglass brow pencil too (whoops).
I then semi forget about it, aka I don't check online daily as I know they will call me when it is back in stock.
I am then home sick one day in bed feeling sorry for myself when my phone rings.
"Hello Sarah, this is Julie from Mecca. I just wanted to let you know that a small amount of the Luna Night Oil is available online, you will have to purchase soon if you want it as it is limited stock"
Shopaholic within delight! I immediately open my laptop and before you can say expensive I've bought it.

Ok so after that rather long winded story, the actual product! It is blue, comes in a lovely box, feels really sturdy and has that weighted expensive feel to it. I love that it is a serum with a dropper, so much easier to avoid wasting any. I use a half dropper for my entire face and put on right before bed. It actually makes your skin go a green/blue shade when you first apply - makes me feel like I am a mermaid.
The scent of it also reminds me of the sea, not the lovely salt smell but instead something more like seaweed - not ideal but I'm happy to bear it as I fall asleep around 5mins after I put it on anyway.

So, would I recommend it? Well yes and no.
I wouldn't recommend going crazy to try and get your hands on it like I did, and if you have other products that you like use them up first. I think I over hyped this one for myself so I'm not jumping for joy at it or anything. That being said though, it does give me a fresh plump face in the morning, and after almost a full months use I can see that my pores are smaller (winning). It is said to be great for acne as well, which I don't have (whichever parent graced me with that Thank-you!) but if you do this may be the perfect thing to reduce any scars.
Have any of you ever fallen into a big hype over something before? If yes what? I seem to recall a big ordeal being made over a certain pair of American Apparel Disco Pants (shakes head).

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