Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Yoga Challenge

Hi everyone, welcome back.
So a few weeks ago I took part in a yoga challenge with +Ann Mazur (RunnersLoveYoga) on Instagram and I just wanted to share all the different poses and pictures with you.
It was so much fun trying out a new pose each day and incorporating it into my yoga routine. I also actually found that this challenge gave me more confidence as I spent each day as I was out and about thinking about where would look good for the photo and whenever I found a spot I thought would work I would just stop / drop / and yoga! I really started to embrace that feeling of not caring whatsoever what anyone around me was thinking and just went for it, it is such an amazing feeling - try it this week at some point in one of your days - just do something because you want to and never mind who is around, if its a suitable situation or not. You'll feel alive and energetic and inspired to continue to live the life you want, because you want to! 

Day 1 # Utkatasana / chair pose
translates from Sanskrit = powerful pose. It looks like your just chilling in a chair when your actually engaging all the strength you can in your legs and ankles whilst tightening your pelvis and core, oh and that whole balancing thing is thrown in too!

Day 2 # Parivrrtaanjaneyasana / revolved lunge
Improves your digestion - who would have thought something seemingly so simple can impact on something like digestion so much! I did this one at GOMA - Queensland Gallery of Modern Art.
Day 3 # Utthitaparsvakonasana / extended side angle 
Utthita = extended
Parsva = side
kona = angle
This feels amazing for the side of your body and you really feel your quads working.

Day 4 # Variation of parivrrtaanjaneyasana / revolved lunge 
I did this pose all day long all over Noosa! I woke up the next day and wondered why I was sore! 

Day 5 # Anjaneyasana / low lunge
This pose if you can allow your body to sink into it really allows you to have this feeling of letting go, one of my favourites. 

Day 6 # Ardhahanumanasana / half split
Ooooo eeee this is a major hamstring stretch and golly gosh I have super tight hamstrings! I could only just touch my fingers to the ground but that's ok, I know this just means that this is a perfect pose to continue in.

Day 7 # Utthanpristhasana / lizard pose variation
This pose feels amazing for your hips, perfect hip opener and a pose I particularly love first thing in the morning to get my legs feeling looser and get rid of that stiff still asleep feeling. 

Day 8 # Utthanpristhasana / lizard pose with a bind
Perfect for your quads after a run! It feels really nice pushing that front leg out too, allows the hips to get involved.

Day 9 # Ekapadarajakapotasana / pigeon pose
Ahhh this has got to be one of my most favourite poses, it gives the most amazing stretch every time but also is a pose that release emotion for me, I think I store a lot of stress around my thighs and glutes.   

Day 10 # Camatkarasana / wild thing 
This feels a bit similar to extended side angle with the deep stretch in your side body but a bit more emphases on your straight leg to ground down.
Day 11 # Gomukhasana / cow face pose
Try this today! I was so surprised at how one side felt quite good and the other I could barely touch my hands together, really reiterates that you have two sides to your body and they don't always match up!

Day 12 # Bhujapidhasna / rock the baby
This is similar to Pigeon Pose and perfect if you don't want to put any weight on your leg whilst getting the same stretch, as you rock your leg back and forth you open up dem hips too!
Day 13 # Chatushpadasana / four footed pose
This was an interesting one for me, I couldn't get my hands to my feet, struggled to keep my feet straight and was so surprised when I saw the photo how low down I was. I see poses like this one a lot across social media and assume it to be easy - nope not for me! I kind of love that though, yoga is all about learning about yourself and what you can do, I now am working to open up my chest more to allow for this to feel more natural.
Day 14 # Baddhakonasana / bound angle pose 
The final day and funnily enough a pose that is probably almost my most favourite. I've been doing this one since I was tiny and have always felt so comfortable and safe in this pose, I go it almost daily whenever I find myself sitting on the floor. I watch TV in this pose and just listen to my breath in it. Try it, its amazing for your hips and if you can release and let go it feels wonderful.
So there we have it, my first yoga challenge and 14 different yoga poses! I LOVED doing this, I think its going to be so fantastic to look back on these poses in a year and see how they compare.
Do you love Yoga as much as me? Have you tried these poses?

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