Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Tone It Up Ab Challenge!

Hi Holiday Hunnies hehehe
Tone it up reference there -> LINK HERE to see what thats all about.

So today on my Instagram I posted my top 5 goals for the upcoming holiday season as per the challenge set by Tone It Up for today, and one of my goals is to complete a 30day TIU ab challenge! 
Myself and a few other TIU girls wanted something extra to keep us going and to have something to have some more accountability with one another so I created this ab challenge for us to do! 
A few of you also want to join in which is awesome, honestly there is so much more of a chance of me sticking to something when I know all you wonderful ladies all around the world are doing it too!

So here is the link to the PDF for the challenge:

It will be starting on Sunday the 9th November! But you can really use this PDF whenever you like as I didn't date it at all, just a 30 day count! 
You can save it onto your iPhone if you have one in iBooks and then its with you wherever you go!
I also added in a section to tick for before and after photos as thats where I see the difference the most when I remember to actually take a before shot! I also added in a reward section..... because well...... its fun! I'm thinking if I complete it I shall be getting myself some more Lorna Jane workout gear #addiction right here! 
Anywho, let me know if your in on this challenge and we can all check in with each other - #tiuabs 
My Instagram is @sarahalicetiu 

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