Sunday, 23 November 2014

Getaway Part One

Hello there and welcome back!
Last weekend I was lucky enough to go away on a little 3 day getaway with the boyfriend. This was gifted to us by my parents (thanks Mum and Dad!) for helping out during a tough time earlier in the year.
A few people mentioned that they would like to read about it on my blog and as I am taking the photos for myself anyway so I thought I would share it with you all too!

We went to Narooma which is about a 3 hour drive from Canberra with very pretty scenery along the way.

hehe there is a grass growing company here that have the funniest signs. 

Ahhhh Clyde mountain - aka a scary road! This winds through a mountain with some pretty hectic bends and turns

Government bend being one of them - this bend you completely turn around on yourself! 

I find this part of the drive incredibly scary! And Chris loves it so he flys along whilst I grip my seat and squeeze my eyes shut for most of it!!! 

One of my most favourite things on any trip is getting to drive through the national parks - I always wind the windows down and take long deep breaths of the fresh air. Nothing better than the smell of a Forrest, the cold wind hitting your face until it feels a bit numb and that feeling of the fresh air just doing you so much good!

We arrived at our destination and the first thing I got excited about was the shower haha! Look at it tho! Amazing.

Here is a little snap of part of the room, we stayed at the Amooran Oceanside Apartments and Motel btw - really enjoyed it, the room was lovely and well equipped, the bed was super comfy, the view was beautiful and the staff were great.

The view from our balcony! 

Later that afternoon we headed to Mystery Bay to check out the beach there and found a private beach!!!! 

To get to it we climbed down that lol

Gosh I just love the beach and the ocean, it is always so beautiful! There is something that is so calming to me whenever I'm at the beach, its like my entire body just goes 'ahhhhh' everything is a-ok

Bikini: Triangl Bikini - LINK!
Hat: Nike

I then proceeded to jump around like a loony tune for the fun of it lol

Magazines on the beach - my favourite 

Later that evening we headed down to the water to go for a walk 

On my nails: Essie Bikini So Teeny - LINK!

Hat: Nike
Top: Nike
Tights: Lorna Jane - LINK!
Bag: Etsy - LINK!
Shoes: Nike Fly Knits 

Hehe. I set the camera up on a rock and kept running over to Chris and saying 'quick quick - smile!' We got the giggles 

We saw a Stingray!!! This is what killed Steve Erwin! Big fella floating through the water.
I have so many pics I thought I should break it up into two posts, so stay tuned!
Let me know if you liked this post though and if these lifestyle posts are enjoyable for you to read! 

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